4 Types of Speakers You Need to Book for your Next Lecture Series

4 Types of Speakers You Need to Book for your Next Lecture Series

Ever wonder what’s missing from your programming schedule? We collected a list of four types of speakers that should definitely be included in your college events list. Our roster hosts a variety of keynote speakers and interactive workshops in each category. These collegiate-inspired events range in topics from alcohol awareness to social change.  Entertainment and Education often don’t go together, but at Neon Entertainment we strive to make every event an engaging and fun experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

We understand the importance of diversity and inclusivity among college campuses. Our diversity speakers discuss important topics such as sexual orientation, discrimination, LGBTQ+, race, gender, religion, title IX, disability, and many other related discussions. We acknowledge the need to expand and advance diversity programs among collegiate institutions. Our Spoken Word Artists have poems that honor diversity, inclusion, and heritage. Program’s like Kristen Becker’s Loosen The Bible Belt makes unity the key focus when talking about LGBTQ+ issues and religion. The Unauthorized Biography Series takes audiences on a journey, celebrating the world’s greatest cultural icons through biographical rap songs. Neon’s college diversity events strive to foster mutual respect, acceptance, and appreciation among all members of the community.

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Leadership Skills

Leadership speakers and activities are a must for your college programming schedule. Our Leadership Programs are designed to engage students, encourage team building, and provide participants with the necessary skills needed in today’s workplace. Building communication skills and career development is just the beginning of Neon’s Leadership programs. Learn to lead a team to a common goal in The Student Leadership Challenge, or anchor yourself and your leadership style in First Lead Yourself.

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Health & Wellness

There is nothing more important than physical, mental, and social well-being, however, in our hectic lives, health & wellness is not always our first priority. Our programs are designed to give students the skills they need to live a well-balanced life. Learn the science behind essential oils and their benefits in the Essential Oils Workshop, or learn about the dangers of binge drinking in the wildly fun and interactive Hypnotic Intoxication. Neon’s Health & Wellness speakers bring health, happiness, and positivity into your campus.

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Life Skills

Life skills might not be your first idea when thinking of speakers, but it’s a beneficial topic for students in all steps of their college careers. For many students, college is their first time out on their own, and they’re looking for guidance as they navigate everyday life. Brian Miller’s How to Magically Connect with Anyone uses his experience as a magician to teach the basics students need to make great connections with people, whether it’s in their professional or personal lives. Chef Egg gives a hands-on workshop that teaches students how to prepare healthy, delicious, and quick meals that are easy to integrate into a college student’s life. Our Life Skills Speakers give students the necessary tools to for a successful college and adult career.

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