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The Unauthorized Biography Series
Life Skills & Diversity Program

Ebo Barton
Inclusion Program

Lacey Roop
Inclusion Program

Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers
Multi-Cultural Program

Neon Entertainment understands the importance for having a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment among workplaces and campuses. The assortment of speakers and programs we provide build communities for universities and corporations to be knowledgeable about the diversity of our world. Our college speakers and programs are committed to creating diverse and inclusive communities. They seek to promote diversity in its many manifestations. Our speakers discuss important topics such as, sexual orientation, discrimination, LGBTQ+, race, gender, religion, title IX, disability, and many other related discussions. With the wealth of knowledge our speakers have, our agency can provide your company or college with the highest quality of speakers to expand and advance diversity programs.

We understand the need for a community that is accessible to people of different backgrounds and experiences. NEON’s speakers prepare students and employees to become conscientious and considerate to all walks of life.

Our speakers promote the individual right of self-identification and expression which encourages conversations that welcome all forms of life. Due to our artists diverse backgrounds and experiences it allows for the allocation of thought and the exchange of ideas are benefited from multiple backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints.

After hearing from our speakers, students and staff will question preconceived notions and foster respect among students, staff, and facility. A mutual respect, acceptance, and appreciation for all members of the community will be formed. The moving speeches, awards, and activists among our speakers, provide examples to their commitment to strengthening communities. The goal of our speakers is to leave crowds experiencing personal fulfillment and participate fully in creating a successful and thriving community.