Life Skills & Success Speakers

The Reason You’re Here
Orientation, Like Skills & Leadership/Team Building Program

Orientation & Life Skills

How to Magically Connect with Anyone
Life Skills, Orientation, Leadership/Team Building, Relationships Program

The 3D College Experience
Orientation, Life Skills, Health & Wellness, Alcohol Awareness &

College Survival Secrets
Orientation & Life Skills Program

Cooking with Egg
Life Skills & Health & Wellness Program

I’m Engaged presented by Mike Fritz
Orientation, Leadership/Team Building, & Life Skills

The Unauthorized Biography Series
Life Skills & Diversity Program

Book The Job:
How To Become a Sucessful Actor & Model

Get A Life…Outside the Classroom
Orientation, Life Skills & Leadership/Team Building Program

First Lead Yourself
Orientation, Life Skills & Leadership/Team Building Program

Life Skills & Relationship Program

Tish Ciravolo
Life Skills Program

The Ultimate Podcasting Guide
Life Skills Program

For many students college is the start of many firsts. Help them begin the “adulting” process with skills that are important for participation in everyday life. Claim your culinary independence with Chef Egg or help students define the true meaning of success with The Reason You’re Here. No matter what you’re looking for, Neon is here to help your students develop the necessary skills for a successful college career.