School’s Starting.. Scary | Halloween Event Ideas for College Students

School’s Starting.. Scary | Halloween Event Ideas for College Students

It’s only the beginning of September, but it’s never too early to start planning for All Hallow’s Eve! Halloween is one of the best times of the year, especially for us college students. Regardless of if you like dressing up scary or sexy, the best costume doesn’t mean anything if no one sees it. If you’re in charge of planning some events for your college, it’s never too early to look into Halloween ideas. Neon provides entertainers and event novelties for universities all over the country, and we can certainly bring the tricks and treats for your party!

Zombie Laser Tag

One of our most popular attractions for Halloween, Zombie Laser Tag is an amazing opportunity to tie in Halloween scares with a program that includes everyone. We supply everything you need, with all equipment and barriers included. You can turn any campus into a zombie survival game. We can provide zombie actors, but it’s Halloween! You can invite your own zombies! There’s several different ways to play that will leave everyone in great spirits.

Top Three Reasons Why Zombie Laser Tag is Perfect For your Campus

Escape Rooms

Whether or not anyone wants to admit it, the whole concept of escape rooms came following the widely successful SAW film and series. Finding the clues under pressure, teaming up, escaping… All the makings of a great Halloween experience. We have options for various group sizes small to large, with different themes and rooms. We bring everything you need!


Hypnotize Your Campus

What’s spookier and more fun than seeing your fellow students get hypnotized on stage? We have several hypnotists and mentalists on our roster, and they all put on a different show. If you’ve never seen a mentalist live, you’re in for a treat! Think like David Blaine or Cris Angel type stuff. We have acts that can move objects, bend spoons, and even READ YOU MIND!

Zombie Training Simulator VR

It’s never too early to prepare for Halloween, but it’s also never too early to prepare for a Zombie apocalypse! We have virtual reality equipment that we can bring to your campus, that features a multitude of different experiences. One of which, is the Zombie Training Simulator, which is so realistic you might never forget your first try!

Learn More | Zombie Training Simulator

As you can see, we’ve got Halloween programming covered. It’s never too early to book! If you’re in charge of your college programming or event planning, make sure to reach out ASAP to ensure you can book for the best weekend. Our Halloween events are booking up quick, so reach out today and let’s get to work!


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