Dorm Sweet Dorm | 5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Style

Dorm Sweet Dorm | 5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Style

By: Lindsey Leonard

The new school year is upon us; and whether it’s your first year living away from home or it’s your senior year, each school year invites fresh ideas and new styles. Create your home away from home with these 5 creative ideas to make your dorm room fabulously chic.

Faux Plants:

Add a little greenery to your dorm! If you have a green thumb or curious to find out, adding a plant or two, fake or real makes your home away from home a little more homey! Stores like TJ MAXX, Marshalls and target have affordable fake plants. Or check out stores like Lowe’s or local plant stores for plants that need less TLC. Try a snake plant, cacti or bamboo for a long lasting plant bestie. Tip: less water is usually more and look for a pot that has a hole in the bottom to allow the plant to drain water.

Neon Entertainment also offers drop-ship plant programs like plant your own Lucky Bamboo or DIY Succulent programs!

Area Rugs:

Whether your dorm is carpeted or not, adding an area rug makes small spaces seem larger. It’s also a great way to add color to your theme. Take a look at Neon Entertainment’s Pinterest page to make your own DIY T-shirt Rug on our DIY Dorm board.

Personalized Additions:

Decorate your dorm or apartment with more personal items that include your monogram or photos from your Instagram. Adding more personal touches creates better motivation! Frame photos, and order monogram stickers from Amazon for your lap top, coffee tumbler, etc.

Check out Neon Entertainment’s Make and Take items! From Monogram Mugs, Photo Dry Erase Boards, Photo Pillow Cases, Door Hangers and more.

Comfy Chair:

Purchasing a comfy chair for your college dorm is KEY! Whether you’ll use it for studying, hanging out, playing video games or that occasional clothes pile it’s a great idea to add a chair! Shopping at places like Ikea, Target, Urban Outfitters and Amazon can help you find what’s trendy but also comfortable! Some ideas are bean bag chairs, fold out chairs to save on space, a comfy computer chair or even an inflatable chair (Yes, these are back!!)


Don’t forget necessities like cell phone chargers, printers and lap tops but take it a little further! Purchase the 6 ft. cell phone charger to give you a little more leeway if the plug is closer to your roommate’s side. Check out printers that use Bluetooth so you can print from your phone. Adding items like Alexa, Amazon Echo or smart outlets could help you with every day tasks.  



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