Three Terrific Tag Games to Try This Season

Three Terrific Tag Games to Try This Season

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog from Neon Entertainment! Now that we’re firmly in the warm weather season, it’s time to lean fully into outdoor events to bring engaging excitement to your student body as the semester wraps up. Today, we will take some time to spotlight some of our terrific tag games

Cool Down with our Water Tag Games!

Want to get laser tag set up but it’s a bit on the too-hot side? Then why not book water tag! Playing very similarly to laser tag, water tag includes 20+ inflatable obstacles to create your own unique field of play. 

Different Ways of Play! 

Each player gets a pump-action water gun and vest. The aim is to use that water gun to “fill up” the vest of the opposing team. Don’t worry about keeping score – our equipment can handle it, while you drench your friends! In larger groups, we run a usual deathmatch/slayer/elimination kind of game that everyone familiar with first-person shooters knows. If you have a smaller group that wants to get the full gameplay experience, we also can run a plethora of unique mini-games and missions! 

Space-Age Laser Tag Games!

Laser tag is one of everyone’s favorite games to play! Why? As Barney Stinson puts it, “Laser tag is awesome!” Dial up the awesome an additional notch with an inflatable UFO laser tag! Our action-packed game will have you blasting your opponents inside our inflatable UFO labyrinth. The next target could be around the corner, so keep your head up! 

Unleash Your Inner Legolas with Arrow Tag! 

No, you won’t be able to surf on a shield like the iconic Helms Deep scene, but you can act like everyone’s favorite bow-toting Tolkien elf in our arrow tag game! Arrow tag blends the high-intensity action of dodgeball and paintball with the honed skill of archery (with foam-tipped arrows) to create an action-packed, skillful tag game. It even doubles as the perfect team-building exercise! This fast-paced, high-energy event is sure to draw a crowd. 

Contact Us to Get Set Up! 

Any questions regarding our exciting and action-packed tag games? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@neon-entertainment.com! You can also check out some of our previous writing where we’ve even covered some of our DIY tag options to save you a few bucks! 

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