It’s the Perfect Time in the Sports Season for Some Trivia!

It’s the Perfect Time in the Sports Season for Some Trivia!

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog! We’re in the middle of the sports season throughout the major American leagues, with pro Football getting ready to begin its playoffs in about a month looming. Basketball is going into its slate of Christmas games, Hockey has its outdoor special on the horizon, and Baseball just held its draft lottery even though we’re in the offseason. 

With all that going on in the sports world, it’s the perfect time to bring your students an exciting and engaging game show, like Sports Trivia! Test your knowledge of the major sports and their stars and compete for CASH prizes! 

Who has hockey’s all-time Iron Man streak? Which particular player in baseball has the all-time stolen base record? What’s the longest QB sneak run in football? But it isn’t all records and streaks, there are also questions about quirky behaviors and wild career moves. Test your knowledge of your favorite sports, teams, and players with this great game show! 

This fast-paced competition gets the whole audience participating! We schedule time for four rounds of the game and multiple winners through each round. Each Sports Trivia Game Show is hosted by one of our professional comedians to keep the show exciting and hilarious! Our game normally lasts for 60-70 minutes but we can bring it down to about 30 minutes depending on your needs. 

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