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Sports Trivia

Do you think your general sports knowledge rivals the average fan? Jump into the action with our ultimate Sports Trivia Game! A fan favorite, Sports Trivia pulls from the worlds of baseball, hockey, football and more to test your knowledge of sports history and current events. In addition to asking questions about some of the biggest events in the sports world, this game shakes things up with trivia about some of the quirkiest behaviors and career moves from professional athletes.

In this fast-paced sports trivia competition, every audience member participates! There are multiple winners throughout the game and 4 different rounds to the game, so there are many chances to win!

Every Sports Trivia game is hosted by a professional comedian and includes $200 in CASH PRIZES! If you don’t want to offer cash prizes, we can give away Amazon gift cards or prizes that you choose.

Sports Trivia normally lasts between 60 -70 minutes long or can be as short as 30 minutes depending on what works best for your event.

There are normally four prize winners per game but if you would like for there to be more winners or more prize money offered, we can do that, too!

No need to buy a sports almanac, jump into the arena with us and play Sports Trivia!

Choose Your Format:

Choose between a variety of game show styles and themes for in-person or streamed events. Every game show booking includes a total of $200 in cash prizes – GUARANTEED. Ask your Neon Agent about package deals with 1, 2, or 3 Game Shows.

In-person/onsite Host

One of our professional comedians can host your game show experience live and in-person at your location – we serve all 50 states. From auditoriums and classrooms to conference rooms and outdoor pavilions, we host our game shows everywhere. We provide an inclusive audience experience – everyone in the audience gets to participate for 60-70 minutes of live entertainment.

Live Streamed Host

With the ability to have up to 1000 players competing from any location, our virtual game shows provide the ultimate opportunity for participation. This version allows for participants to play either from their very own space or together in the same space.  Players interact with our professional comedic hosts for 60-70 minutes of live entertainment. Excellent for groups in a single location, people in multiple locations, or both! This option gives you a broad range of flexibility and is also ideal when working on a budget.

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