Attention NACA® LIVE Attendees! 5 Comedians to Get Your Students Roaring with Laughter During Finals Week

Attention NACA® LIVE Attendees! 5 Comedians to Get Your Students Roaring with Laughter During Finals Week

We hope to see you at NACA® Live This February 12th-16th! Neon is a proud participant at practically every NACA® conference, and we always appreciate what a great job NACA® does with promoting all the top showcases and providers of college entertainment. As you may already know, we are a veteran college entertainment booking agency who can provide just about any program or experience that your students could hope for, and a big part of what we do is LIVE entertainment! Considering NACA® LIVE is right around the corner, we figured what better time than now to talk about 5 LIVE comedians you can book for your campus event! 

Derrick Knopsnyder

Derrick is one of our top comedians to book for college events because of his ability to adapt and put on a great show for any audience. He is well versed in traditional stand-up, and can entertain your students with a night of old-fashioned comedy, but also can include another exciting programming as well as his Game Show hosting as well as the Stuff a Buddy program that includes our fan-favorite.. Create-a-Creature! Just like Build-a-bear, but much more affordable.. and You get a free T-Shirt with your school logo for every creature!

Ryan Kelly

If you haven’t seen Ryan Kelly, AKA @YouthPastorRyan on TikTok, you’re in for a treat. Ryan is one of our top comics and his fans can’t get enough of his hilarious perspective. Because of his ability to connect with the audience members, he has a way of navigating his stand-up routine unlike any other. His hilarious takes on some trending topics will surely have your college laughing, and provide a night they will never forget. His videos are great, but his stand-up is just as good!


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Alex Babbitt

Alex brings the noise wherever he goes, and his ability to MC an event allows for versatility. He can help run an Open Mic night, providing a host that will keep the energy flowing like a professional comedy night, or he can headline your show himself. A really warm person who has a way of connecting with anyone around the country makes Alex a fantastic choice for finals week, or any event you have on campus. Check Out his podcast called “Behind the Mic Stand!” Alex has been in comedy since he was only 16!

Katie Kusiciel

Having been featured on Buzzfeed and seen at the San Diego Comedy Festival, you can hear her podcast on “Mostly True Options” on iHeartRadio! She hails from Arkansas and talks about how life in LA differs from life anywhere else. You can even see her on America’s Got Talent….


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Mickey Housley

With appearances on FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo and a published author, Mickey is a true professional. You can find his Amazon Best-seller “Chronicles of a Stand-Up Guy” to learn more, or you can bring him right to your campus! He comes from Houston, TX originally, but his comedy has no geographical boundary. He has been a hit at any college campus he’s been to, and he is always one of the crowds favorite acts!


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