Get to Know Your New Roommates with The Roommate Game

Get to Know Your New Roommates with The Roommate Game

get to know your new roommates when the semester starts back up

It’s almost the new winter semester! You know what that means – new college transfer students that need orientation, new to school students, students previously enrolled are switching rooms, and a whole heck of a lot of running around trying to get fun and exciting events put together for the upcoming semester.

One thing you can do to get your student body engaged with the semester and ready to live with their new roommates is to book The Roommate Game! Just like the Newlywed Game but for roommates, this fun question-and-answer game show poses the question: How well do you know your roommate(s)? It’s a great way to get to know someone! 

How Do You Play The Roommate Game?

Students compete by answering questions about their housemates for cash prizes! The team that gets the most questions right wins. Pretty simple, huh? This game is great to play with friends or members of your Greek chapter. However, there are plenty of possibilities for hilarity with your students’ new roommates. 

In The Roommate Game, everyone can participate! No sign-up is necessary, all your students need to do is show up to play. There are multiple winners during the game and 4 different rounds to the game, so there are plenty of opportunities to win! 

Every Game Show is hosted by a professional comedian, so it’ll always be an engaging event for your students. Plus, each game has $200 in CASH prizes! Note: If your school cannot offer cash, we can substitute that out for gift cards to popular services like Amazon, or you can provide the prizes yourself. 

Your students will love this fun and engaging game show. Shows last between 60-70 minutes, but we can cut the time down to 30  minutes if needed. 

Get in touch!

Contact Neon today to bring the party to you! You can book multiple game shows to provide a whole day of hilarity. Winter term orientation is coming up soon, don’t leave your students in the cold with new roommates. Book The Roommate Game today! Remember, this game works both live and virtually

Check out the Hot Mic Blog and our social media pages, where the party keeps going! We regularly post about some of our awesome event options for your college campus. Give us a call and start your game today! 


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