The Roommate Game

How much do you know about your roommate??? In this game show students answer questions about each other and compete to find out who knows the most! The game is called The Roommate Game and Roommates do compete agains each other but it can also be played with best friends, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, significant others or anyone else students want to play with that they think they know a lot about! This way students aren’t limited if their roommate is not at the event or cannot attend the event. Its always hilarious to hear just exactly what kinds of funny answers students say in this game!

There is a guaranteed $200 in cash prizes awarded every single game guaranteed to the top scoring pairs in each round. Each question is worth a certain amount of points and the pair with the most points wins! There are at least 4-5 rounds every game depending on the size of the audience and every pair of students in attendance that would like to play in the game will get a chance to play! One student sits on one side of a curtain and another student sits on the other side of the curtain and they both have to write down the same answer to the question that is asked. The questions are about each other and really tests who know each other the best! And what makes it even more fun is that the game is hosted by a professional comedian!

The show normally lasts 60 minutes but can be up to 90 minutes long or as short as 30 minutes depending on what works best for your event. The Roommate Game is perfect for late night events, parents weekend, family weekend, greek week or any other event throughout the year! Find out which of your students know each other the best with The Roommate Game!!!

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