Holiday Season Events for College Student Event Planners 2021-2022

Holiday Season Events for College Student Event Planners 2021-2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, maybe once winter break begins. We are back on the blog to fill you in on what you need to know on a few of some of our best offerings for turkey day and beyond. Festivus (Seinfeld fans stand up) is also rapidly approaching, so let’s take some time to tuck ourselves into a sweet and sassy collection of college events that are sure to put smiles on your students’ faces!

Home for the Holidays Virtual Escape Room

Have you done a virtual escape room before? We began running virtual events in the beginning of the pandemic in an effort to accommodate and engage students while we were all locked down. What we would learn is how powerful and engaging that virtual events could be, and how many more students may choose to participate in the event that they don’t need to go to the event in person. We have an assortment of virtual escape rooms to choose from, but we also create new ones throughout the year to coincide with what may be on your students’ minds’. Is it time for winter break yet?

Check out the Home for the Holidays Virtual Escape Room Here!

Holiday Game Shows

Adam Ace and our assortment of talented Game Show Hosts have been providing awesome live entertainment for colleges for over 15 years. Like escape rooms, the Game Show model was altered during the remote era into a virtual option, and it has been a hit. Nowadays, depending on your situation, we have options available for either virtual or in-person events, that can be live-streamed to students and contestants in their dorms, or wherever they want to play. We have come up with several new game shows this year, including a few awesome holiday editions!

Check Out Jingle Bingo & Reindeer Games! Perfect for the Holidays!

Holiday Paint Social

Paint Social With Lindsey is always a hit with students. Whether you want to have a full in-person event with an instructor on campus or a virtual event, students love the interactivity of being able to be the artist. No experience is required, you don’t need to be a painter to be an artist with us! Event planners can choose their fall or winter-themed painting, and everyone included will receive their materials to paint and take their masterpiece! A great option for large groups, we’ve seen events range up to 180 students participating!

Book a Holiday Paint Social With Lindsey Here!

These are just a few of our best holiday options for this upcoming season, feel free to look around as we have options for any event. If you have a question regarding availability or pricing, please contact us as soon as possible so we can get your event in the books! Holiday events are filling up fast!


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