3 Event Ideas to Help Fundraise for Your College

3 Event Ideas to Help Fundraise for Your College

Throughout the year we utilize our blog here on the website to try and help out college planners all over the country. We seek to be your resource for all things college events, and if you ever have a question regarding holding an event or need help finding entertainment, you know where to find us! Remember you can follow us on facebook to ensure you never miss a beat! Today, because we’ve seen around the country many schools trying to make some ground up for lost fundraising events over the pandemic, we wanted to sprout a few brainstorm ideas for you.

Here’s 3 Ideas for college events that you can utilize to help raise funds for your college!

Blind Bowling or Costume Putt-Putt

You may or may not know, but we can bring a complete glow bowling event or mini golf directly to your campus! These events are great to be able to attract and engage a high number of people, and there are options for indoor/outdoor capability. To help fundraise, you could sell tickets or “attempts” at a blind bowling throw or mini golf putt, and give away a prize in case anyone wins! Check out our Make & Take Options for more info for prizes! We bring the fun, you college the funds!

Talent Night / Karaoke Night

If you make the event fun enough, you can certainly raise some funds by selling tickets to a live talent night, open mic or karaoke event. You can organize with a few of the on campus groups to get musicians, actors, comedians, or guess what, we can bring the show to you! We have a bevy of entertainers who could run a remote live open mic with a host, or come and be a live MC to help draw some more people to the live show. Sell tickets, sell snacks and popcorn, and count your funds!

Live TV Game Show

If live game show is the angle you’re looking to go, well boy you’re in the right place! We are one of the first live and virtual game show providers around, and we can bring it. With the ability to be virtual, we can set up a hosted event with live host in person or remotely, and each game features cash prizes. If you wanted to put a little spin on it, the prizes could all go to a good cause, or you could fundraise a proceed of ticket sales to help out there.. Either way, everybody wins!

These are only a few options you could do if you’re looking to fundraise for your school.. Remember if you have a question regarding event planning just give us a call, fill out our contact form, or you can DM us via social media to talk to one of our agents. It’s not easy planning college events for college students, a lot of work and organization is needed. Thankfully you have an organization and team of agents all over the US to help you! We look forward to hearing from you!


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