Neon Entertainment Artist & Social Media Pt 3

Neon Entertainment Artist & Social Media Pt 3

Social media is a crucial way for an artist to share their art and gain fans, especially in an era when live performances are scarce.  But, what makes a specific social media platform appeal to them and their followers?  Each artist has their favorite social media platform and a unique way to stand out amongst the millions of other posts that grace your page.  We’ve asked some of our acts to share a few details about their process.  Each month we will feature a new artist so be sure to stay tuned to see what some of your favorite Neon Entertainment acts are doing on social media.  This week’s spotlight artist is musician, IrisAfter graduating with a minor in Music, Iris moved to Nashville where she lived for 7 years. While there she and co-writer Stephen Estrada contracted with Warner/Chappell’s music library. That album, Blue Sky by He & She, was the #1 most downloaded album in the library (one of the world’s leading publishing companies) for three months in a row. Those songs have played in various television shows around the world including House Hunters and Dr. Phil and can be heard in viral videos, some with over 30 million views.  Here’s what Iris has to say about her social media selection: 

Q: What is your preferred social media platform?

A: Instagram.

Q: What do you like most about that platform?

A: I love visuals. Pictures and videos!

Q: What’s the most amount of “likes” you’ve received on a post?

A: Close to 1900!  It was a piano cover of the Stranger Things soundtrack.  Check it out for an extra surprise!  😉 

Q: Do you have a weekly/daily post that you’d like to share.

A: Yes. I love to do Music Monday on my Instagram account where I post a video of me singing an original song or a cover.

Q: What inspires your posts?

A: As a songwriter my job is to write the best song I can to move people to feel something. My purpose in sharing music is just that! 

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