5 Great Team Building Activities for Companies in 2021

5 Great Team Building Activities for Companies in 2021

Fill the Communication Gap

The pandemic has created a gap in our communication skills, whether we know it or not. We have spent over nine months locked up and only talking to our friends and family through our phones and computers has altered our interpersonal communication. Getting together with coworkers used to be a thing we all did. We would go out to lunch, grab a beer on a Friday after a long week, go to cookouts, but that has all been put on hold, but it does not have to be on hold.

Give Everyone in your Office the Boost they Need

If your office needs a virtual boost, Neon Entertainment is the place to look. Looking to blow off some steam, your office can play virtual trivia, dive into virtual escape rooms, or play bingo, all for actual cash and prizes. Neon offers many activities to get your office back to a better place, here are just a few–

1 Let Loose and Laugh

Need a laugh? Virtual live comedy can come to your screen with Truth or Laughs, a comedic couple giving you the opportunity to win money. Through virtual audience participation, your office will be able to laugh their way to cash prizes. Your officemates will get to know one another, and their hosts, a bit better with true or false, and two truths and a lie like you have never played before.

2 Showcase your Offices’ Talent

Got some talent in your office, try Virtual Live Unplugged Karaoke.  You and your co-workers can hit the virtual stage with a live band to show off their hidden talents. Choosing from an extensive list of songs, everyone in the office will have the opportunity to wow their office with a song of their choosing, while not missing a beat and having the lyrics right in front of them on their phone or computer. A great way to let loose and end a week with your colleagues.

3 Talking about Now

The world has been changing in so many ways and an honest dialogue about the changes occurring is crucial for all to move forward with a sense of togetherness. Shaun Boothe in “The Unauthorized Biography Series” opens the dialogue of today in a meaningful way that does not spare the details of history and emotion. Shaun’s messages, largely based around social justice and empowerment through a cultural history of race, empathy, and change, are built upon the powerful historical figures that have shaped our societies for the better. Seeing those you work closest to in an eye to eye, honest, and understanding way, will promote a positive change in the culture of your workplace and the world we share.

4 Virtually Escape Together

If your office needs to get a little better at working together while weathering the pandemic virtually, Neon Entertainment has you covered. Neon Entertainment has seven different virtual escape rooms, each designed to allow teams to work together to problem solve their own virtual crisis and enjoy themselves while doing so.

5 Limber Up your Business

Or if you and your colleagues just need to unwind and relax together, Two Deep Breaths, a gentle yoga and live music getaway is a virtual retreat in the comforts of each person’s home. The 60 minute event features live music, yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations that are carefully crafted to promote a sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and creative expression.

There is Something to Miss

It is understandable to at times feel as though you miss the office. It is a weird thing to miss, but it happens. The banter with colleagues, problem solving in a shared space, the competitiveness, it all makes an office or workplace more real and enjoyable. So why not bring fun to the virtual office?

Reconnect with Your Team

It is more important now, with the uncertainty of how long our remote work will continue, to reconnect in a casual but meaningful way with those we work with and used to spend dozens of hours a week with. If your workplace needs an opportunity to get together and reestablish better relationships and have a great time together, Neon Entertainment has options for your office, whatever the interests or workplace. You can call Neon directly, or leave your information here, and you will be contacted with more information on what Neon can do for your company.


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