Neon Entertainment Artists And Social Media

Neon Entertainment Artists And Social Media

Social media is a crucial way for an artist to share their art and gain fans, especially in an era when live performances are scarce.  But, what makes a specific social media platform appeal to them and their followers?  Each artist has their favorite social media platform and a unique way to stand out amongst the millions of other posts that grace your page.  We’ve asked some of our acts to share a few details about their process.  Each month we will feature a new artist so be sure to stay tuned to see what some of your favorite Neon Entertainment acts are doing on social media.  This week’s spotlight artist is musician, Ben Wagner.  Ben has received first place in the Great American Song Contest, recognized as “New and Notable” by NoiseTrade, and named “One to Watch” by Nashville Songwriters Association International.  Here’s what Ben has to say about his social media selection: 

Q: What is your preferred social media platform?

A: Instagram

Q: What do you like most about that platform?

A: Instagram has felt more positive and simple to use than other platforms and I’ve found it’s easiest to interact with people who listen to my music.

Q: What’s the most amount of “likes” you’ve received on a post?

A: Around 250

Q: Do you have a weekly/daily post that you’d like to share.

A: “Wednesday Bensdays” – I’ve been doing a livestream every Wednesday night during the pandemic to keep up with everybody. I play new songs, covers, take requests, and chat with people in the comments. It’s been really fun! The livestreams have also been good for my mental health. I can allow myself to stay off social media more the rest of the week knowing I will be able to catch up with everybody on Wednesdays.

Q: What inspires your posts?

A: Anything that promotes more of a community around the music. I like asking for new music suggestions and sharing posts that either make me laugh or help me learn something. Of course I promote new products and releases as well, but I try to steer clear of just using social media to advertise.  

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