Virtual College Engagement Speaking Programs – How Brian Miller Connects

Virtual College Engagement Speaking Programs – How Brian Miller Connects

Everyone has had to make changes in 2020. Wherever you are around the country, it’s safe to say you’ve had to make a few adjustments to your college experience. As college event planners we help student directors all over the country provide engaging and inspiring speakers to help make the transition to a remote world a bit easier. One of our speakers, Brian Miller, knows all about having to make a pivot to his career. 

As a widely renowned TEDtalk speaker and magician, Brain Miller is no stranger to an audience. He has spent years honing in on customized programs for college student activities to provide entertainment that is memorable and inspiring. Well, obviously when lockdown occurred, this meant Brian’s true passions, inspiring others and performing, were set to change.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find that Brian’s work on YouTube and his Podcast were ahead of their time, and some of his instructional material and high production has helped craft virtual programs that can be customized for your school. Having spent time in the digital/virtual space crafting high level content has helped to form engaging programs that help institute leadership and connection. 

Leadership is Not a Title

With the Virtual Leadership program “Building Meaningful Connections in a Learn/Work-from-Home World” you can provide insightful advice that helps students connect and learn to lead. This program is great for students looking to pursue positions of leadership in the business or creative field, and lays the groundwork for a lifetime of insight.

The Magic of Networking

As college students evolve and advance into their curriculum and career path, networking becomes more and more important to success. Knowing how to network might seem simple, but this program can help provide amazing insight into transforming conversation and mastering communications skills.

See More about Brian Millers “The Magic of Networking” Here

These are just a few of Brian Millers virtual speaking programs for college activities. If you are interested in knowing more about Brians programs, you can talk to an agent today! Just fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with any answers to questions! Remember to checkout our virtual site to learn more about all of our Virtual programs for college events!


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