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The Magic of Networking: Secrets to a Sustainable Career

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The Magic of Networking: Secrets to a Sustainable Career is a one-of-a-kind career development workshop for students. Your host is Brian Miller, a former globetrotting magician turned author, speaker, and TEDx celebrity. Brian combines short TED-like presentations on the art of human connection with actionable tips, techniques, and strategies for building meaningful relationships in social and professional settings. Students will have multiple opportunities throughout the event to implement Brian’s techniques as they learn them, networking with fellow students, faculty, alumni, and local business leaders. They will feel a significant transformation in conversation skills and comfort level in just two hours, setting them up to succeed in this new connection economy. Give your students the tools to connect with anyone; their futures depends on it.

Topics include:

  • Three ways to start a conversation in any situation;
  • How to form connections by asking meaningful questions;
  • Four ways to remember someone’s name (and why it really, truly matters);
  • Reflective listening skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between networking and spamming;
  • Discover the perspective-taking technique used by master communicators;
  • Implement strategies for connecting with anyone;
  • Develop resiliency against failure.

Length: 2 hours (includes 30 minutes of open networking at the conclusion).

For more of Brian, check out his lecture How to Magically Connect with Anyone or his Magic Act!

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Brian Miller

“It was GREAT! I wasn’t there, but I asked the person who arranged for Brian to come how it went and she was more than excited about it. She said it was perfect and just what the students needed.”

— Darlene, University of Buffalo