At the age of 5, Lijie and her mother moved from China to the US to be with her father and she began building her musical foundation with lessons on piano. During her first year of college, Lijie’s roommate brought a guitar and Lijie wrote her first guitar song titled “So High.” After graduating, she wrote and recorded her first album “ROAM,” which has been praised for its “delicate pianos and guitars paired with her intoxicating voice” ( Inspired by artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Radiohead, Coldplay, and Feist—Lijie writes with passion, love, and hope, laced with melodic sadness. Songs from “ROAM” have received Finalist and Runner-Up nods from the UK Songwriting Contest, and have appeared in several independent films. Lijie has toured through the United States, London and China, performing at Apple Stores, Borders Bookstores, colleges, clubs, coffeehouses and churches.


“Everything went great with the performance last night! We were unable to find the right cable to hook up some of Lijies equipment…she still did not hesitate to put on a great show. Lijie is a pleasure to work with and there was a great turn out of students especially considering the weather we were expecting. Thank you for providing us with a great night of entertainment.”

— Colleen Anastasi, East Stroudsburg University

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