Hypnotists For Campus Events | Neon Entertainment

Hypnotists For Campus Events | Neon Entertainment

Comedy events are always a hit on campus.  However, hypnosis shows tend to fly under the radar when administrators are booking campus events.  This could be because most students don’t exactly know what to expect from a stage hypnosis show. Here’s a good starting point: picture a stand-up comedian who asks for people to volunteer to look ridiculous.

Audience participation is the key.  Students will go wild as they watch their classmates get hypnotized and do any number of hilarious and outrageous things.  At Neon Entertainment we have a dozen or so talented stage hypnotists on our college entertainment roster. Here’s a few acts that we’d like to highlight for you this week.  

Michael C. Anthony

Michael is a superstar in the college entertainment arena.  He’s been performing at campuses for years and has even been nominated as college entertainer of the year 7 times.  His show has become so popular that he’s even been featured on national television stations like CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox.  His show will be both comical and mind boggling as he hypnotizes volunteers and reads the minds of audience members with stunning accuracy.

Mind Games

Paul Ramsay redefined the concept of stage hypnotism when he debuted his show Mind Games back in 2011.  In this event, Paul pushes the boundaries of audience participation to the extreme.  All college hypnotists use volunteers to demonstrate their craft but Mind Games takes it a step further.  Using special remotes, the audience gets polled on what they want to see happen. This makes the show feel more authentic and even more hilarious every night.

Hypnotic Intoxication

The coolest alcohol awareness program around! Hypnotic Intoxication gets people drunk off of bottles of water. Professional Hypnotist, Keith Karkut, makes volunteers believe they have unlimited access to the most potent alcohol, but in reality the participants will only be drinking bottled water. Karkut shares his personal experience with alcohol and the way it has affected his life during the presentation. The program is successful because it provides a way to learn about an important issue in an entertaining way. Where else can you get drunk with your friends,wake up without a hangover, and have a clear bar tab at the end of the night?

If you’re looking for an amusing interactive college event, consider booking a stage hypnosis show.  All our hypnotists and mentalists are both certified and experienced performers who will ensure everybody stays safe and has a good time.  For help booking any of these entertainers for your fall or spring semester contact Neon Entertainment today.


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