Mind Games: The Throwback Edition

Paul Ramsay is a board certified hypnotist and certified instructor of hypnotism.  Formerly a high school English teacher and student affairs professional at the University of New Hampshire, Paul saw wonderful opportunities to split his time as a hypnotist between entertainment and personal development.  He debuted a whole new concept for stage hypnotism with “Mind Games” in 2011, creating the first truly interactive stage hypnotism show.

Now, Paul has evolved the concept even further with “Mind Games: The Throwback Edition.”  Like in “Mind Games”, audiences use remote controls to vote on what they want to see happen on stage, but the content of the show is designed to activate their sense of nostalgia and bring back music, characters, and memories from adolescence.  You may have seen stage hypnosis before, but you haven’t seen it like this.

For more, check out the original Mind Games or Paul Ramsay here.

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Mitchell College
Illinois Institute of Technology
“Mind Games was AMAZING. We had a great turn out and Paul was really fun to work with! The students really enjoyed the interactive aspect with the remotes, and it was definitely one of our most well attended Welcome Weekend events in the past few years.”

Harry Shafer
Wyoming Seminary
“The show was fantastic! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had probably about 100 students there, and they loved the entire thing. We really can’t thank Paul enough, and are already starting to think ahead to bringing him back next year!”

Emily Briggs
Western Michigan University
“Working with him was an absolute pleasure and a very easy process. He was timely and incredibly flexible with both performance time as well as venue and equipment. He goes above and beyond to interact with our students and staff which contributes to his extraordinary rapport and our continued desire to bring him back to campus. ”