4 Featured Spoken Word Artists From Neon Entertainment

4 Featured Spoken Word Artists From Neon Entertainment

Are you a fan of spoken word poetry?  Maybe you’ve heard of it but still aren’t sure what it is.  You can check out our recent blog for a detailed description but to put it simply, spoken word is performance poetry.  In recent years the interest and support for spoken word poetry events has been steadily growing, especially across college campuses.

The appeal for spoken word events can come from many different places.  Regardless of why people are interested, it’s sure to make for an entertaining campus event to say the least.  At Neon we have a roster filled with talented spoken word artists who have competed and even won poetry slam competitions nationwide.  Here are four artists that you should consider booking for your fall semester schedule.

Aman K. Batra

It should be no surprise that our first featured artist has a degree in creative writing.  Since she graduated from UCLA, Aman Batra has become one of the major performers in the industry.  She is a two-time finalist of National Poetry Slam and has had her material displayed through popular media like All Def Poetry, Button Poetry and The Huffington Post.  Aman is a veteran of the industry and will be a great choice for a first time spoken word event at your university.

Ryan Jones

One of the biggest reasons spoken word poetry is growing is because it often sheds light on important social matters.  That’s certainly the case with our next artist Ryan Jones.  Based out of Atlanta, Ryan’s poetry touches on issues like police brutality, masculinity and black culture.  Booking Ryan for a campus event will entertain students while also forcing them to reflect on the key topics of our day.

Jaylene Clark Owens

It wouldn’t be a stretch to label our next artist as a spoken word “lifer.”  Jaylene Clark Owens began writing spoken word poetry when she was in 5th grade!  She clearly has a passion for performing, more than just her poetry though, as she is an AUDELCO and Barrymore award winning theater actress as well.  To top it all off, Jaylene also works as a teaching artist, instructing students on the basics of writing and performing spoken word. If you’re looking for a performer capable of inspiring young minds, Jaylene Clark Owens will not disappoint.

Spoken Word I.N.K.

Our final featured spoken word artist this month is actually a pair of artists.  Lane Shuler and his partner Courageous teemed up and turned their poetry into a party.  Their style of spoken word tends to be higher energy and faster paced than most traditional artists which fuels their comedic approach.  They’ve taken their hit show I.N.K. on the road to colleges across the nation and have shared the stage with many notable spoken word artists along the way.  If you want to help grow the spoken word scene on your campus, these two will put on a show that students will enjoy so much, they’ll want to get into the game themselves.

As a premier college booking agency, Neon Entertainment has assembled a skilled roster of spoken word artists bookable for your campus events.  Whether you’re looking for something humorous, inspirational, thought provoking or just plain entertaining, we’ve got an act for you. Check out the artists above or view our entire roster while you start planning your next campus events.


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