Spoken Word Artists For Your Next Campus Event

Spoken Word Artists For Your Next Campus Event

What is spoken word poetry?  In many ways, spoken word has rekindled the art of poetry in our modern setting.  A lot of young people tend to be turned off when they hear the word “poetry” because classic poetry can be hard to relate to.  Spoken word, on the other hand, has been successful largely because of its relevancy and live entertainment value.

So What’s The Difference?

While classic poetry is meant to be written and read, spoken word adds a performance element that sets it apart.  Because artists can recite their work in so many different ways, it’s hard for audience members not to be engaged.  For spoken word artists, it’s all about balancing the combination of material and delivery to get their point across in an entertaining way.

Spoken Word Is Growing

One of the main reasons spoken word is on the rise is because the content is relevant to today.  Though it’s not a requirement, many spoken word artists use their platform to touch on some of the most important issues of our time.  Speaking about topics like racism, gender equality, and war, humorously or passionately, resonates with people on an emotional level. When people care about what’s being said it creates a unique experience that gives them something to look back on.

Slam Poetry Events

What happens when you take spoken word artists and put them in a competition setting?  You create a one of a kind event known as a poetry slam. In these events, spoken word artists compete to impress a panel of judges, usually audience members, to take home the crown.  Even if poetry is not really your thing, you’ll find it hard not to be entertained by these talented artists.

Why To Consider Booking Spoken Word Artists For Your Next Campus Event

University administrators are always looking for events where students can be entertained and taught at the same time.  Booking spoken word artists is a great way to captivate students while broadening their horizons. Check out Neon Entertainments roster of talented spoken word artists on our website.  Many of our speakers have garnered notoriety at some of the biggest grand slam poetry events in the country!

Book Spoken Word Artists through Neon Entertainment

Neon Entertainment is a premier spoken word booking agency.  If you want to add a unique twist to your campus events schedule this spring, think about booking a spoken word artist.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or fill out a contact form on our site today!



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