Events on a Budget | Do-It-Yourself Programs

Events on a Budget | Do-It-Yourself Programs

Sometimes you just want to do an event yourself. Maybe you’re on a budget, or you have access to a lot of volunteers. Either way, Neon’s dropship novelties are the DIY event of your dreams! We ship you everything you need to pull off the perfect event. Here are four popular programs you can do all by yourself.

Alpha Art

Participants can decorate their dorm, home, or office with these custom letter art signs. We send you 100 Matboards, and over 1000 photos to choose from. Design your own artwork and spell any word you want!


Create-a-Creature is our most popular DIY event with over 50 stuffed animals to choose from.

We send you your choice of 16″ stuffed animals (102 creatures or more) and stuffing for participants to bring their Creatures alive! Use the creature’s birth certificate to give it an official name.  Top it all off by giving your creature its very own t-shirt. T-shirts can be printed with your any design/logo, or add fabric markers for each participant to give their stuffed animal a unique look.

Silent Disco

A completely silent dance party??? You got it! Each guest gets a set of headphones and has the choice of up to three different artists they can play. Each set of headphones comes equipped with its very own volume control and LED lights to show other guests what station you’re listening to.

We will send you anywhere between 150 to 500 wireless headphones and up to 3 iPad’s for the event, and create your dance party with the largest music library around (50k+ songs)!

Alphabet Tee’s

Neon’s version of Human Scrabble is perfect for orientation and team building activities. We send you t-shirts with images of alphabet tiles on them and then you take it from there. A common activity is to give students a list of groups or buildings on campus to spell. Watch as a group of strangers become quick friends and learn about your campus in a fun way!

Alphabet Tiles are printed on the front of the t-shirt for the Game and your 2-color logo can be printed on the back of all the t-shirts.


Click here for a full list of all our available DIY programs, and fill out the form below for more information on a program.


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