Earth Day Programs Make Great Freshman Orientation Ideas!

Earth Day Programs Make Great Freshman Orientation Ideas!

Now that March is coming to a close it’s time to flip the calendar and start looking at what April has in store.  We at Neon Entertainment would like to draw your focus to one of the most important holidays of the year, Earth Day.  This annual event is meant to be a reminder that will motivate all of us to renew our efforts of environmental protection.

Did you know that April 22nd was picked to celebrate Earth Day specifically to involve college students?  Every year this date occurs after spring break and just before students have to start studying to get ready for final exams.  This was done because it’s important to engage the younger generation as we look to the future of our planet. In that spirit, now is the perfect time to spread Earth Day awareness by booking some of our awesome nature-friendly college event ideas!

DIY Succulents

For those of you who aren’t familiar, succulents are a special type of indoor plant that can be used to make a healthier living space.  Succulents produce fresh oxygen and water vapor which have been shown can improve your day-to-day health. It has also been suggested that indoor plants can improve memory and focus; two things that are valuable commodities for college students.  With this DIY Succulents package you’ll get all the materials you need for 100 students start growing their own household plants.  This event makes for the perfect freshman orientation idea for next semester to get your incoming students started off on the right foot.

DIY Bonsai Trees

Similar to succulents, bonsai trees can provide health benefits as well.  They will also provide fresh air to your room but are most popular for their use as a stress relief activity.  Bonsai trees require some care and creativity as you can prune and shape it anyway you wish. This activity has become a popular hobby and is a great first year experience event.  Give your students a creative outlet as they adjust to life on their own with our DIY Bonsai Trees program.

Make & Take Tote Bags and Water Bottles

Plastic products are one of the biggest threats to our environment today.  The best way to cut down on plastic waste is with reusable containers. Celebrate Earth Day by hosting our make & take Tote Bag and Water Bottle programs.  With these events, students can get their own personalized bag or bottle that will benefit them and the environment at the same time.  These programs can also be targeted as first year experience ideas to help you hand out campus branded merchandise.  Either way, you’ll be helping students save the earth in style!

Neon Entertainment wants to help you celebrate Earth Day and remind your students to be more environmentally conscious.  These four events are special because they give students something that’s both useful and fun that will be a constant reminder that they’re contributing to a healthier planet.  If you need help scheduling college orientation events don’t hesitate to contact Neon today!


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