Aaron Marcus | Learn from a Pro

Aaron Marcus | Learn from a Pro

People go to college to for a bunch of different reasons.  A lot of young people tend to focus on the social atmosphere, living on their own, and the variety of cool events they now have access to.  When organizing campus event ideas there’s always room for some informative college speakers that give a glimpse into potential career opportunities after college.

Neon Entertainment is proud to have Aaron Marcus on our roster of college speakers available for your next campus event.  Aaron’s experiences have made him uniquely suited to speak about what it takes to excel as a professional actor and commercial model.  Let your students learn the truth about starting an acting career directly from someone who has already done it!


Even though Aaron has been working as a full time actor for over 30 years he never thought about it as a career path growing up.  Aaron began acting part-time while at college because it sounded like fun and gave him the flexibility to work around his class schedule.  After two years of part-time work he decided it was something he could turn into a career.

Since he started acting, he has appeared on a number of different popular TV shows including Gotham, Mr. Robot, Law and Order: CI and House of Cards.  In total, Aaron has been booked for over 1,200 jobs in everything from television and films to TV commercials, radio spots and even as a commercial model for things like billboards and posters.


Aaron’s success as a professional actor has led him to write a book on how to make it as an actor and model.  It is considered by many in the industry to be one of the most essential resources for young people starting out in this field.

If you’re looking for college speakers to get students excited about acting while providing proven tips on how to succeed, Aaron Marcus is your guy.  He has spent time touring the country speaking at various universities sharing what he’s learned about acting over the years. He’s given his Book The Job seminar hundreds of times and has influenced the lives of many young people.

Aaron excels at using his life experiences to touch on some of the most fundamental parts of being an actor.  He’ll talk about using nervousness to your advantage, how to figure out your acting type, things to avoid doing on set and how to market yourself to get extra work and ultimately book bigger roles.


Neon Entertainment is your booking agent for just about any college event ideas you might have.  We can help you book popular college speakers like Aaron Marcus for your next campus event. If you want to provide a realistic look about starting a career in acting, Aaron Marcus won’t disappoint.  Feel free to contact Neon Entertainment if you have any questions or would like to speak to a booking agent today! 

You can learn more about Aaron Marcus and his Book The Job seminar here.



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