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Book The Job: How to Become a Successful Actor and Model

As Seen on Gotham, Mr. Robot, and House of Cards

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Aaron Marcus

People go to college for many reasons.  Some focus on the social atmosphere, living on their own, and the variety of cool events they can now attend.  Students really appreciate attending events that are different, fun, and also teach them how to earn money.

Here’s a workshop idea that will give students information that most people will never have access to and one that can change their lives. It did for Aaron Marcus.

Neon Entertainment is proud to have Aaron Marcus, America’s Premier Acting and Modeling Career Coach, on our roster of college speakers and available for your next campus event.

Aaron shares his experiences as a full-time working actor and commercial model (modeling for “real” looking people) for more than 30 years and over 1,200 bookings so far.

He will teach your students how they can get work as an actor and or commercial model as a part-time job –  no matter where they live.

Aaron had no thoughts or knowledge about working as an actor or a commercial model while he was a full-time college student. But, he needed a part-time job that would be fun, had flexible hours and was a great paying job. He met an actor who told Aaron about the work that would be available to him, and he began booking jobs on a part-time basis. He loved the work so much; Aaron decided to turn into a career.

You have seen Aaron in his recurring role on the Netflix show House of Cards,  and numerous projects including: Mr. Robot, Gotham, Halt and Catch Fire, Rectify, The Wire, Law & Order: CI, McDonald’s, AT&T, Marriott, Nationwide Insurance and Project Almanac. 

Aaron’s success as a professional actor has led him to write How to Become a Successful Actor and Model, with nearly 100 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

Aaron has helped hundreds of people successfully break into the industry by offering his “Book the Job” workshop more than 700 times spanning 3 continents.

His workshop transcends acting and modeling. In his workshop Aaron discusses how to:

  • follow ones dreams
  • use your nervousness to your advantage
  • best deal with rejection
  • run your business in an honest and honorable way
  • and so much more

There are thousands upon thousands of people who have dreamed about seeing themselves in a magazine ad, on a billboard or even as an extra in a film or TV show but have absolutely no idea how to get started.

You can now help your students fulfill their dreams by bringing Aaron Marcus to your school.

Aaron excels at using his real-life experiences to share exactly what students need to do to have success whether it is just extra work or for principal roles. His information is not based on theory, but he shares what he currently does on a daily basis.

Neon Entertainment is your booking agent for just about any college event. We can help you book popular college speakers like Aaron Marcus for your next campus event.

If you want to provide your students with something special, something that will be fun, something that will allow your students to go from dreaming about to actually putting into practice, then having Aaron Marcus offer his practical, honest and step-by-step blueprint for success workshop is a must.

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Aaron Marcus

“As always Adam was outstanding, and the game was great! Glad we tried it!”

— Frank, Suffolk County Community College