Book The Job: How to Become a Successful Actor and Model

As Seen on Gotham, Mr. Robot, and House of Cards

House of Cards
Law & Order
Aaron Marcus

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor and commercial model for over 30 years. He has been cast in over 1,200 TV and radio commercials, corporate films, feature films, television and print ads.

In his Book The Job seminar, Aaron teaches your students how anyone can learn to get local acting and modeling jobs. Before he became a full-time actor, Aaron supported himself by acting and modeling for 2 years while a full-time college student.

You have seen him on the TV shows, Gotham, his recurring role on House of Cards, Mr. Robot, Do No Harm, Law & Order: CI, Rectify, Halt and Catch Fire, The Wire, West Wing, as well as film projects such as Project Almanac, Philomena, Fishbowl, Buck Run, Eugene and A Modest Suggestion.

He has been in hundreds of commercial modeling ads that have run throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Netherlands.

Aaron’s new book “How to Become a Successful Actor and Model,” is considered by many to be the most important book on this topic.

Aaron has given his Book The Job Seminar over 600 times spanning 3 continents. 

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