In The Money | Celebrate National Be a Millionaire Day

In The Money | Celebrate National Be a Millionaire Day

Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Did you know that it’s been over 200 years since the term “millionaire” was introduced to the English language? Did you know there are over 12 million millionaires in the world today? How about this one, the first episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was almost 20 years ago! Some incoming college freshman were born after the show started! It made way for a wave of popular money winning game shows, and raised the bar for cash winnings. Neon Entertainment is widely known all over the country for providing universities with amazing college programming and entertainment.

5 Reasons Why to Have a Game Show at Your Next Event

One of our most popular forms of entertainment are our Game Shows. We have over 20 different game shows that include everything you need to have your own production. All Game Shows include a MINIMUM of $200 in Cash & Prizes! Students will enjoy the interactive aspect, the live reactions, the challenges, and most of all, THE MONEY. Here are a few of our most popular game show programs for colleges.

Free Money Game Show

Much like the Famous Minute to Win It game show, students answer pop culture questions and complete whacky physical challenges to win cash prizes.


Campus Feud

Who doesn’t love Family Feud? This slightly altered version allows students to compete to win cash and prizes by answering the survey based questions. SURVEY SAYS? AN AWESOME TIME!


The Deal is Right

This game combines two different old school game shows, The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal. It’s interactive, has a great host, and has some really amazing prizes!


Pop Culture Clash

By working together with you and your team, this game is totally customizable with questions and graphics that could be provided by you in advance.


Cash Attack

Cash Attack is one game made up of two of the most popular television game shows, Let’s Make a Deal and Deal or No Deal. The best part? Total Winnings could end up equating to over $1,250!

These are just a few of our College Game Shows, we have over 15 more options! If you are looking for entertainment for college events, look no further. We can provide all there is to need to put on a full production, live audience game show experience. For more information on booking game shows with Neon Entertainment, just fill out our contact form, or reach out via our Contact an Agent Page!





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