Bounce Bounce | 5 Inflatables To Rent for Spring Fest

Bounce Bounce | 5 Inflatables To Rent for Spring Fest


It’s that time of the year again. Spring fever is setting in, and you might be heading down to Daytona or Myrtle Beach, but if you’re in charge of finding novelties for your school’s Spring Fest, it’s time. Have you found your entertainment yet? We have a great selection of musicians that can bring the crowd, and we also have a bunch of novelties to help make the party rock. Inflatables are a great crowd pleaser and can serve up large masses of people with a great time. Here are 5 inflatables you can rent from Neon Entertainment for your Spring Fest..

Bubble Soccer

This exciting game is bonkers. Have you ever seen anyone play bubble soccer? It is HILARIOUS. Everyone can get involved, everyone can play, and everyone will have a great time. You’re encased by a huge inflatable globe that will protect you from impact, and the more impact the better! You might have fun playing defense and trying to bash into the opponent, or maybe you’ll be the star and score the winning goal!

Obstacle Course

There’s nothing better than watching two friends compete one on one for the glory of victory on an inflatable obstacle course. We have several different inflatable obstacle courses. There’es the boot camp obstacle course that has 7 different types of challenges to get through. Check out the huge Double Rush inflatable obstacle course for another large option. Another one would be the Chaos Inflatable obstacle course that has 2 lanes, and goes 180 degrees. Check out the inflatable page to see all of our obstacle courses!


Who doesn’t find pure joy in watching two people go at it in the good old fashioned inflatable joust? Take it back to the early 90’s when American Gladiators brought the joust into the public eye. We can provide your SpringFest with the traditional Joust with two 4’ platforms surrounded by inflatable ring. We also have the Rockem’ Sockem’ joust which features a slightly different design, or if you go with the All in 1 Sports Arena, you can utilize the joust alongside 7 other sports choices like basketball, football, and soccer.

Velcro Wall

The old classic Velcro wall is always fun for all ages. Some of the other inflatable rentals are a little more complicated, but the velcro wall is simple and still awesome. Watch your buddies run and jump and stick to the wall in our specially furnished velcro suits. You’ll have a laugh watching all the different ways people tend to attack this old classic inflatable.

Mechanical Bull (or Zombie Bull)

This might be one of the most entertaining inflatables available. If you havn’t ridden a mechanical bull, or watched a friend ride one, you havn’t lived. We have 2 options available, the classic Mechanical Bull with American flag padding, or the Mechanical Zombie Bull, a new spin on the original classic. If you’re really at a loss for what to book for Spring Fest, you know the Mechanical Bull can bring the laughs.

If you are looking to rent inflatables with Neon, just fill out our contact form or give us a call! We provide entertainment and novelties for student activities coordinators all over the United States. Just check out our inflatables page, pick the one you want, and send us a message to get the ball rolling for your event! We have different inflatables for different budgets, so don’t worry if your budget is small. Let’s talk today to rent your inflatables for Spring Fest!


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