Find Your Army | Neon Spotlight #10 With Musician Scott Celani

Find Your Army | Neon Spotlight #10 With Musician Scott Celani


Neon Entertainment is proud to provide opportunity for all of our musicians, and each one has something special that makes them unique. Scott Celani is probably one of the most versatile artists we have on our list. You may have heard a little about Scott in our previous installation of Neon Spotlight, where we talked about his Live Band Karaoke program. For this interview, we talked to Scott specifically about his musical career, his advice for young artists, and what it’s like performing for colleges.

Talking Records

We talked to Scott about some of the bands or artists that really make him tick. He had just seen U2’s Joshua Tree show, which he commended them for having mastered the art of the “mega-show.” He said overall, he’s all over the place. He’s into anything, and even went through a period where he was really into 50s music. He also mentioned Pearl Jam being one of his favorite bands of all time, crediting their ability to maintain relevancy over time.

“Pearl Jam had there time in the 90s. They knew they couldn’t stay that hot forever. The industry is always looking for the next big thing,. What kind of band do we want to be? How do we last? That’s the key to every artist. If you really want to make a career. Willing to evolve. Do things differently. Allow yourself to grow. Not depend on other forces to take care of things for you.”

Find Your Army

Scott had some really cool advice for aspiring artists. Having produced 5 studio albums and toured all over the country, he has made a life out of being a versatile musician. He says you have to allow yourself to evolve over time to establish longevity. He also talked about how you just cannot depend on other people or forces to take care of things for you. Though the industry has changed drastically the last decade or so, the DIY model is bigger than ever.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the industry. The key to it now is, how accessible your audience is. Before you’d put out a record, and get in line. Less opportunity. But a model how to do it. You made a record, you toured, tried to get on the radio, have a fan club, etc. There was a rigid model of how things were done. Only so many artists could enjoy those opportunities. Now anyone can record.”

Having talked to a former manager of the famed Taylor Swift, Scott offered up a very simple quote that truly captures the essence of building a following in today’s music industry.

“Find your audience and embrace them. Find your army.”

Traveling with Neon Entertainment

Scott talked a little about what it’s like being a traveling musician, who just so happens to have a family and home life. You’d have to think it would be tough to leave your family every time. He talked about how he’s on the road a few times a month, and it’s rare you’re out for weeks at a time.

He told us that a show, at any level, depends solely on the audience. The audience has so much control over the level of energy. He told us a famous quote from the all time great Buddy Hackett, who said  “If you treat every performer everytime you treat me tonight, you’ll never see another bad performance again.”

“I’ve always been very versatile. My band is as big as 7 pieces. Also play shows by myself, duo, trio. 4 5 6 7 pieces. Being able to accommodate different sizes of rooms, different budgets, and what a school’s really looking for. Always gotten me more work. I don’t mind playing solo, probably my least favorite. More enjoyable, more going on. Theres an energy on a college campus you just don’t feel other places.”

Check out the full interview with Scott to hear more detail on how to make it in the music industry, some of his favorite colleges he’s played, and just a little more about the life of a musician. He also heads up our live band karaoke, and does a college game show that you can bring to your campus. Just visit our agents page to learn how to book Scott or any of our performers


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