It’s Stein, Like Frankenstein | Comedian Michael Blaustein Neon Spotlight #8

It’s Stein, Like Frankenstein | Comedian Michael Blaustein Neon Spotlight #8

Being a stand up comic in a time where everyone thinks they’re funny has to be tough. But for Neon Entertainment’s comedian Michael Blaustein, funny comes naturally. We sat down with Michael and talked about what’s been going on in his life, and shared a few laughs along the way. You can listen to our podcast interview in entirety on YouTube or Soundcloud! Here’s a little taste of the things we learned when talking to Michael.

From East Coast to Punk’d

Michael recently moved from New York to LA, where he found new opportunities. Instead of just being a stand up comic, Michael was able to link up with MTV, and guest on a few episodes of their show, Punk’d. He talks about some of his more memorable episodes, like when he punk’d Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Khloe Kardashian. Who would have thought in a few short months he would go from performing in clubs, to hanging out with celebs in them?

Small Circles

Michael talked a lot about his move from east to west coast, and how accommodating the other comedians have been. When asked about the cliqiness of these circles, Michael says he never really experienced it. Even when hanging out with the big names of West COast comedy, Michael never felt like an outsider. “It is like a clique, but it’s a very open clique…they aren’t sequestered off in the corner, they’re very open, very nice people, messing around with everyone”. He goes on to describe his friends as war buddies. They all went into comedy at the same time, so they shared similar experiences. And they all work on each other’s projects too!

To the Finish Line

Michael shared with us a little bit about his other passions as well. He talks about his other “Hollywood” pursuits. He recently wrote, starred in, directed and produced a feature with a couple of his buddies. He isn’t straying away from the comedy scene just yet, though.  “I do everything for stand up…I moved to LA to produce my own stuff. I love acting and absolutely love writing. I’m doing all of this so I can do stand up more…. Stand up is the end all be all goal”.

Take a listen to the full interview to hear Michael talk about his global travels, amazon buying habits, and how his nephew is more technologically advanced than most adults! Oh, and we talk in extremely bad accents at one point!

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