Book a Comedy Hypnotist For Your College With Neon

Book a Comedy Hypnotist For Your College With Neon

You’ve probably done your homework and searched through dozens of Google search results for something that is fun, clean, and most importantly, available on your scheduled date. Or, maybe you haven’t done any of your homework and you’re scrambling to find anything that’s available because it’s about to be your scheduled date. Have you considered booking a hypnotist show? Have you ever been witness to a comedy hypnotist show?

You won’t find a comedy hypnotist just anywhere. They have a very unique skillset that combines the mystique of hypnotism with the element of comedy. Sure, a comedian could be funny and entertain, but the incorporation of a comedy hypnotists audience is what becomes truly mesmerizing.

Comedy hypnotists use the power of the subconscious to do some very incredible things on stage. If you’ve never been to a comedy hypnotist show, you’ll be in for a treat. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnotist shows and stage hypnotism brought to you by Neon Entertainment.

What Happens at a Comedy Hypnotist Show? 

Typically a selection of volunteers is chosen from the audience. by the hypnotist. Only the audience members who truly want to be a part of the performance will volunteer themselves, so no one will be forced into anything embarrassing, unless they want to be! The hypnotist will then go over a few misconceptions about hypnosis and talk about what the audience should be expecting. Students chosen as performers become a part of the act, and hilarity and mystery ensues! From there, you’ll have to see for yourself!

Is Hypnosis Dangerous For Any of the Volunteers? 

The act is completely safe and clean. The comedy hypnotist will be in full control of the show and is professional. No one will be harmed and no one will be ashamed after the show is over. Any stage hypnotism is all in good fun, for both volunteers and spectators.

Where Can I Find a Comedy Hypnotist Near Me? 

As we mentioned, you won’t find a hypnotist just anywhere. Luckily for you, Neon Entertainment has several available for booking right here on our website. We can and will fly any of our acts out to you so they can perform on your campus.

Why Should I Hire a Comedy Hypnotist Show? 

People like to be liked. People like things they’ve never seen before. People like being confused by magic. Booking a comedy hypnotist for your college or university will provide a lifelong memory for anyone in attendance. For more information on any of the following comedy hypnotists we have available, give us a call at 1-800-NEON.

Here are a few videos from some of our hypnotists available for your next event! Check out more about any of the hypnotists here.

Hypnotist Larry Volz

Paul Ramsey – Mind Games: College Interactive Hypnosis Show

Hypnotist Michael C. Anthony

Hypnosis with Keith Karkut