5 Steps to Rent an Inflatable with Neon

5 Steps to Rent an Inflatable with Neon

If you’ve been put in charge of finding inflatables for rent and you don’t know where to start… You’re in the right place. You might think you have to call a traveling circus to find a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course, but it’s much easier. Neon offers a huge selection of different inflatables for rent, that can be available anywhere in the country. Here are 5 steps you can take to rent an inflatable for your next event.

Pick Your Inflatable

Who doesn’t want to jump around in a bounce house or race through an obstacle course? It’s a thrilling event for everyone! Here are the five steps for booking an inflatable for your event. Step 1: pick your inflatable. This is a big decision. What kind of party or event do you want it to be? Is it an outdoor picnic for family? Is it a company summer picnic? Or is it a college orientation? These along with many more ideas are the perfect place to have an inflatable at your event!

Choose the perfect one for you event on our inflatable page.

Check the Dimensions

The dimensions are a very important part of your inflatable choice. You need to pick one that fits the participants but also that is able to fit into the space provided. If your event is outside there isn’t a problem as long as that location fits the requirements that are needed for the inflatable. However if your event is inside, you need to make sure the inflatable of your choice fits within the space. Keep your minds open when choosing an inflatable and remember where your event takes place is going to make a difference.

Pick a Location

The location is a key element while booking your inflatable. Items to consider before booking are; where the event is going to be held, and the requirements for the inflatable itself. Requirements include a power source, a flat level surface, and depending on the inflatable you choose, you may need a water source. Knowing that each event is very different and can occur in different places, as long as there are the elements we need, there shouldn’t be anything that stands in your way…. besides the weather.

Have a Backup Location

If your event is in a state that’s warm all year round, great! Weather is always going to be a mystery so the safe bet is to always have a backup location for your event, no matter where you are located. Ideas may include another location, a tent, or a replacement activity. Remember that a cold day could still affect the success of your event, also to keep in mind that having a backup location is great, however the new location must be equip with a power source, the correct dimensions, contain a flat surface, and have all requirements you need for your inflatable. This way it doesn’t matter how the weather is, your event will still go on and allow the guests to have a blast!

Book With Neon Entertainment

The 5th and final step is to book your event. You’ve done the research, picked the date, and picked the perfect inflatable for your event, now it’s time to make it official. Call one of our agents and book today, and let us take it from there! When the day comes, our staff arrives in advance for plenty of set up time and is organized to make sure your event date remains stress free!

As you can see, it’s not that difficult! Keep these things in mind when you’re looking for inflatables for rent, but the first step is really the easiest. Just pick whatever inflatable you want here on our website, and give us a call! You’ll be bouncing and sliding in no time!


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