The Reason You’re Here

The Reason You’re Here

Shortly after birth (sometimes earlier), children begin to hear about the importance of pursuing an education. This handy bit of guidance is perhaps the only thing a child hears more than “No!” Unfortunately, the obvious question is the one nobody ever asks: WHY? What is the point of pursuing an education beyond high school and how does it figure into becoming a success?

Comedian Michael Dean Ester guides audiences through the age-old pressures placed on today’s college-bound generation. His goal is to help young adults arrive at the true meaning of success and demonstrate how a college education can help them define success in their individual lives. Using his own life as an example, Michael encourages students to discover their own particular skills and interests as the basis for a fulfilling career. (Do Your Thing!) After all, those who are passionate about their work are the richest people indeed because they don’t really work at all.

This laughter-filled presentation is a must for students embarking on a college education. In an era where so much emphasis is placed on the need to plan for college, a staggering number of students forget to plan for what comes afterward. Throughout a decade of performing as a comedian at college campuses nationwide, Michael has spoken with literally thousands of students who profess no clue whatsoever what they’re doing there. Put simply, this presentation is the clue that solves the puzzle. By placing the college experience in its proper context as a pathway to a rewarding career, Michael challenges his audience to engage their imaginations as well as their brains. College is more than a time for learning. It is a time for dreaming big. Of equal importance, it is a time to build foundations for those dreams. It is a time for defining and living up to the only set of expectations that truly matter: your own. When you discover your passion, you unleash a whole new motivation for pursuing an education. You finally understand why you started hearing about it the moment you were born. You learn the real reason you go to college. ..YOU!

Check out Michael’s comedy act! Michael is a two-time nominee of NACA’s, “Comedian of the Year,” and  “Best Male Performer!” by Campus Activities Magazine.

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Michael Dean Ester

“Last night was awesome! No matter how many times we have Michael [Dean Ester] on campus – he still makes me laugh!!! You can tell he works hard at creating new material and his message is always very powerful for the incoming students.

— Denise A. Brewer, Montana State University – Northern