Virtual Hypnotic Intoxication

Virutal Hypnotic Intoxication

Hypnotic Intoxication Virtual Edition is a two-session program presented/hosted by Hypnotist Keith Karkut. The first session will be held virtually and the second session will be held at a time when your school returns to live events on campus.


In this session, Keith Karkut will lead an open discussion about responsible drinking, including sharing both his personal experiences with alcohol and the way it has affected his life as well as by presenting powerful survey questions developed over many years for his live Hypnotic Intoxication program. Additionally, he will add questions that discuss distracted driving, other addictive substances, and the social challenges students currently are experiencing. The results of their answers will be gathered and used as a comparison in the second session.

Utilizing streaming technology, he will interact with your students and will also utilize videos and his personal story to reinforce his message. He will discuss the true powers of utilizing the mind to its utmost potential that will be used in session two encouraging your students to attend. The students that participate in session one will be sent a personal invitation to participate in the second session.


At the beginning of the live event, Keith Karkut will present the data from the first session to reinforce his message. He can add specific details that pertain to your school and its policies before he starts the interactive part of the event.

He will then invite people up in stage to participate in his live hypnosis show. At the conclusion of the show, he will serve bottled water and convince the participants that it’s their favorite alcohol. This will result in one student “passing out”, thus creating a powerful display that will reinforce Karkut’s alcohol message. After the participants are taken out of hypnosis, Karkut ties everything together with a powerful message that will encourage the students to rethink some of their decisions and realize what their future holds.

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Hypnotic Intoxication

“I thought [Hypnotic Intoxication] was great. The alcohol component was great… We had our Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator and he appreciated how the facts he offered were intertwined with the event. “

— Corey Miller, University of Alaska