Engaging Prom Event Ideas You Can Bring to Your High School with Neon!

Engaging Prom Event Ideas You Can Bring to Your High School with Neon!

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Fun College events are our forte, but did you know we also work with high schools and middle schools to provide unique programming? We often find that when receiving contact from high schools and middle schools, not everyone is positive that we work with clients outside of the college market. In the next few months, we will be providing new insights to help educate folks around the country on how we can help enhance your next high school event! 

It’s almost PROM SEASON for many high schoolers around the country!! One of the most magical moments for students and families to enjoy getting all gussied up and having a formal night to celebrate the end of another successful year. Seniors will be moving on to college soon, but an enjoyable prom can make memories that last for a lifetime. Not everyone loves to dance, and with how introverted some students can be, you may want to consider providing alternative entertainment to help make everyone feel included and enjoy their time. Today we wanted to touch on some programming that would be perfect for your prom and/or post prom event!

Here are 5 engaging programs that can easily be added to your prom event to make it more engaging! 

Blacklight Games for Your Prom Event!

The prom party is surely going to include some lights, cameras, and action, but why not include a little healthy competition?

Bowling has stood the test of time to be a timeless, enjoyable experience for people of all ages. As social media and influencer entertainment has become more and more prevalent, bowling is still an activity that makes everyone smile and come together. No matter if you’re a future PBA bowler or if it’s your first time, it makes for a healthy competitive activity that induces laughs and good vibes.

You can bring a blacklight mini-golf course to your school to enjoy, which is challenging, but just challenging enough for a good time. Pickleball has also gained popularity amongst people of all ages, because it allows almost anyone to compete, while also requiring skill to be great. Any of these games could make a great addition to your prom event or as a little late-night ending to the night!

You can bring your own midnight bowling, mini-golf, or glow pickleball to your event! Learn More Here!

Bring a Live or Virtual Caricature Artist to Get a Chuckle

One of the best parts of the Prom is that famous photo. Someday that photo will make you chuckle, but another element you could consider bringing to your prom event is a caricature artist! These artists are special, and they can quickly draw a hilarious version of your students that they can take home and keep. 

Big Head & Beats is a talented duo that can be brought live in-person, or set up a remote virtual livestream where your students can sit and see the drawing live on a screen. It’s an amazing program because as the artist draws, there is also a drummer who plays a live DJ drum set while the artist works. Students love seeing the cartoon version of themselves, and it allows their friends and/or bystanders to enjoy the show and laugh as the drawing comes together. You can even receive a video of your drawing experience digitally!

The Original Butt Sketch is another artist that is hilarious and unique. It is what it sounds like, but it may not be as “naughty” as you think either. The artist quickly does an amazing drawing of the couple from the back, which when you think about the outfits, can make for a very unique takeaway for your students. The Original Butt Sketch¨ has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Parade and Maxim magazines. You can have a live in-person or virtual option! Fill out our contact form to learn more!

Prom Photo Fun! Print On Anything!

We have just about any photo programming you can think of!! We’re sure you will have a traditional photographer on sight, to capture the famous prom photo, but you can also add other photo options to help create more memories for your students. We provide traditional photo booths, as well as a 360 photo booth if you need them, but we also provide other options that you may not consider. 

There are plenty of products that you can make with your photo from prom, like keychains, bags, coffee mugs, puzzles, and more! See more here! We can also set up Green Screen Photos which enable your students to have fun in front of a green screen with any background you want!

Make a Splash with Pop-Up Prom Events!

A lot is going on the day of prom. One option you could consider is having a pop-up event in your surrounding areas outside of the main room. A pop-up-style installation doesn’t take away from the main flow of the event but provides alternative entertainment so students can come and go as they please. 

We offer all sorts of different pop-up events! You could have a live game show host providing trivia and prizes. You could have a pop-up carnival with traditional carnival games that are always fun. We know that this generation, like past generations LOVE video games, so if you’re up to it, you could even give the gamer community a pop-up game center, with either new or vintage video games! See more pop-up ideas here!

Do You Need a DJ? Silent Disco?

If you’ve searched your local area for a quality DJ and not like what you found, we do have DJs that can come out and be sure your prom is a good party. If you need help with a DJ just fill out our contact form and we will get to work! If you have a particular style of music in mind, we also offer What the Dance, which creates themed artist or genre nights to fit your school’s vibe. If you didn’t know, we also can ship silent disco headphones to you if that’s something you’re interested in bringing to your prom party. Silent Headphone Disco has gained significant popularity in recent years, as students can switch back and forth from different channels to enjoy different genres!

We hope this helped spark some ideas to help make your prom event more memorable! We are always available to offer insight into pricing, details, and answers to any of your questions. Simply fill out our contact form, or give us a call, and we will match you with your regional agent so we can help fulfill your request as soon as possible! We look forward to helping to make your prom one to remember!!


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