Discover Five Unique Ways To Have Paint Program at Your Next Event

Discover Five Unique Ways To Have Paint Program at Your Next Event

Step into the world of Paint Social Events, where creativity sparks connections in a multitude of ways. Bring expertise from a professional paint teacher with years of experience. Lindsey guides everyone through the painting process, so you don’t have to! Whether you’re drawn to the tactile engagement of in-person gatherings, the convenience of virtual experiences, or the best of both worlds in our hybrid events, or looking for a unique way to create a sense of community and connection among participants, we have options tailored just for you. Embark on Lindsey’s creative odyssey through traditional or virtual classes, explore budget-friendly choices, and immerse yourself in uniquely themed events. 

In-Person Paint Social Event: Host a traditional in-person painting event at a designated location. Lindsey, as the instructor, can guide participants through the painting process, fostering a hands-on experience. This approach creates a lively and interactive atmosphere where attendees can socialize face-to-face. It’s an ideal option for those who enjoy the tangible and immersive nature of in-person events. Lindsey attends campus, arrives a few hours in advance, and with the help of your volunteers, sets up the paint supplies. You’re not leaving your campus, we come to you! 

Live Virtual or Hybrid Paint Social Event: Provide a virtual or hybrid experience where Lindsey conducts a live stream paint class from her Paint Studio. Participants have the flexibility to join from the comfort of their homes and interact with each other virtually, while following Lindsey’s guidance in real-time or hold the event in a space on campus in person and provide a large screen to stream Lindsey live. Allowing the choice to participate from a variety of locations, caters to individuals who appreciate the convenience of attending from any location. This makes your event accessible to a broader audience. Painting is also all about getting creative and de-stressing. Some individuals may prefer to not be in a larger crowd and feel more comfortable in their own area. Lindsey ships individual paint kits bundled in a bag for easy distribution. You can hand them out in a larger room with a screen or provide a pick up time for students to grab and go and paint along with Lindsey from their own space. This option is the same detailed experience as in person, but with a lower budget needed. She’ll guide the event coordinator on how to set up the room, and meet with them for a sound check prior to starting the event. Everyone poses for a picture at the end of the class and they celebrate their masterpiece together. All you have to supply is a water cup and wifi! 

Budget-Friendly Options: We understand lower budgets and Paint Social has great options to reach your budget! Lindsey can pre-record a Paint Instruction and send a private digital link to you for your event. Play at any time during the semester and have Lindsey ship Paint Kits or provide your own paint supplies. Another option is to host a live stream class on a big screen for a group to follow collectively or hydrid, offering class instruction but you supply your own bulk supplies instead of individual kits. Work with Lindsey on what paint colors are needed, what size brushes and she’ll help make sure your participants are set up for success! 

Customized Events: Collaborate to personalize Paint Social events for specific themes or occasions for your campus. Whether it’s a family weekend, homecoming, spring or fall festival, or any other special gathering, Lindsey can craft custom designs that align with the chosen theme. This customization adds a unique and memorable touch to each event, fostering a sense of community and connection among participants. Aligning the painting experience with specific events and traditions enhances the overall atmosphere and makes each gathering special. Lindsey paints buildings on campus, logos, traditional pieces and more! She even can combine a trendy topic, like Star Wars Baby Yoda and add a logo to Baby Yoda’s shirt! She’ll communicate with you to make sure your vision comes to life! Worried about how difficult this painting could be? Lindsey can offer a transfer stencil!  

Themed Events: Paint Social offers many seasonal paint option. Combine a themed event with a paint class! From Winter to Summer and every holiday, there is a canvas for you! Lindsey makes sure to have paint options for each semester as well as trending topics and Bob Ross inspired themed classes. We strive to update our paintings very often as well and make sure we have paintings that celebrate the importance of inclusion and diversity. Art is a form of expression, and Lindsey encourages to push into the painting and conversations that lead to the bigger picture.  

Lindsey’s Paint Social Events is not just about painting; it’s about crafting a world where creativity flourishes, and connections endure. Join us in this dynamic journey where art becomes a language that binds us, forming lasting connections and vibrant memories. Let’s paint a world of possibilities together at Lindsey’s Paint Social Events!!


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