Plan Your Holiday Game Shows Ahead of Time to Ensure a Smooth Experience!

Plan Your Holiday Game Shows Ahead of Time to Ensure a Smooth Experience!

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog from Neon Entertainment! Here on the blog, we like to make the student planner’s lives easier by providing some ideas for fun college events. Today, let’s talk about some of our holiday game shows and why you need to plan your events early! 

Planning an exciting and engaging event for your college or company can be incredibly stressful. Remember though, plan your event ahead of time – you don’t want the holiday season bonanza to take up all availability before the season arrives.

We’ve been in the showbiz business for ages, so take the stress out and bring Neon Entertainment in! 

Holiday Game Shows from Neon Entertainment 

Every holiday game show is hosted by a professional comedian and includes $200 in CASH PRIZES! If you do not want to offer cash prizes, we can also give away Amazon gift cards or prizes you choose.

The games normally last between 60 – 70 minutes, but can be as short as 30 minutes depending on what works best for your event, or even be extended to keep the fun rolling.

There are normally four prize winners per game but if you would like for there to be more winners or more prize money offered, we can do that, too!

Reindeer Games 

Which students are leading the way in holiday spirit? Find out with Reindeer Games, a holiday-themed trivia game show we offer here. Test your and your fellow students’ knowledge of the season with fun and engaging trivia! Best paired with a nice, warm gingerbread cookie, you’re sure to learn something new in this game! 

Discover fun facts like which popular Christmas song was actually intended for Thanksgiving, why stockings are hung by the fire, which president first celebrated Hannukkah at the White House, and more! 

Jingle Bingo

Think you have chart-topping jingle bells skills? Have the hang of Hannukkah songs? Put your musical knowledge to the test with Jingle Bingo! In this holiday-themed musical game show, we’ve created the ultimate playlist of holiday songs for your next fun college event that will keep you dancing to the new year.

Impress your peers with your holiday song knowledge in this bingo game with a musical twist! Instead of calling out numbers, we play snippets of songs and ask if you know the artist. If you do and have the artist on your card, mark it off. The first to fill a row, column or diagonal and should “Jingle Bingo!” is the winner! A fun twist on the classic game everyone knows.

How Far Ahead of Time Should I Plan my Holiday Game Shows?

Giving the entertainment booking agency that you’re contacting plenty of notice when you are planning an event is an important part of the process. Especially when you’re planning a live event, you need to make sure you budget time for us to make travel arrangements and set up! Generally speaking, you want to target about 6 weeks out, but more time is always appreciated.

Do I Need To Plan With Lead Time?

Yes, you really do. You need to make sure that everything is booked for and available on the day you need it. Booking ahead of time ensures that your name is on the books. No matter what the event is, you’re probably not the only one looking! Remember, if you’re planning a holiday celebration for your school, there are bound to be plenty of others planning the same.

Events with a focus around a specific season, like Holiday Game Shows, other themed activities, and/or any of our other productions can get very full, very quickly. There’s a smaller window that these games or experiences fit in logically and people around the country looking for them. If you don’t book your event with plenty of time to spare, someone else will!

*Check out DIY event options if you need something more last minute. They can be just as engaging as any larger production!*

Get Your Holiday Game Shows Started! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be glad to answer your questions about these or any of our other offerings. Don’t forget to check back with the Hot Mic Blog throughout the semester and school year for more fun college event ideas. Speaking of following along, check out our social media, you can find us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram!

Reach out today to book a holiday-focused game show for your students, or to book any of our other fun college events offerings! We have so much to choose from between game shows, live entertainment, unique novelty items, and so much more. Call us at 1.800.NEON or email at info@neon-entertainment.com for more information. If you’re ready to book, reach out! Let’s make your next fun college event extra special, together.


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