6 DIY Events to Bring to Your Campus

6 DIY Events to Bring to Your Campus

Looking to host unique and budget-friendly events on your campus? Look no further than Neon Entertainment’s innovative DIY programs. These hands-on activities not only foster creativity but also provide an excellent opportunity for students to connect and have fun.

1. Color Your Own Totes

Picture a coloring book merging with a canvas tote bag, and you’ve got Neon Entertainment’s DIY Color Totes. With fabric markers and printed canvas tote bags, students can color within the lines or unleash their artistic freedom. Choose from various designs or even request custom artwork tailored to your college or university. Everything you need will be drop-shipped, ensuring the perfect take-and-make experience.

2. Color Your Own Zlipperz

Zlipperz are not your typical slippers. They are the world’s first interchangeable slippers with a zip-off top, combining velvety comfort with a non-skid bottom. Students can select from multiple designs or create their custom patterns. Color them to their liking and enjoy a unique twist on a cozy favorite.

3. DIY Game Shows

DIY Game Show uses state-of-the-art technology, and all you need is a computer or laptop. Set up a big screen or TV in one room and invite participants from various locations to join the fun. A few days before the event, you’ll receive a link to stream the game. On the event day, participants use their phones as game controllers by scanning a QR code. The game runs automatically, with trivia questions displayed on the screen and their phones. Scores are tallied automatically, and a leaderboard reveals the winner. With various themes to choose from, this DIY game show is perfect for college events and more.

4. DIY Laser Tag

Bring the excitement of laser tag to your campus with a DIY twist. Whether indoors or outdoors, day or night, DIY Laser Tag offers thrilling gameplay without the mess. It’s ideal for team-building and leadership training. The package includes laser guns, obstacles, and, for added excitement, you can opt for DIY Zombie Laser Tag. This version includes zombie makeup and costumes for participants to experience the ultimate laser tag adventure.

5. Create-A-Creature

With the Create-A-Creature program, students can pick their favorite animal, stuff it, name it, dress it, and take it home. The package includes creatures, fiberfill stuffing, and custom-printed t-shirts. This program is a hit for events like Valentine’s Day, Orientation, Homecoming, and Parent’s Weekend. Students leave with a unique memento from your event.

6. DIY Jewelry Making

Jewelry making allows students to personalize keychains, bracelets, or necklaces. The package includes assorted beads, key rings, magnetic clasps, string, beading boards, scissors, and organza jewelry bags, offering everything needed to create over 300 pieces. This activity is perfect for welcome week lanyards and crafting friendship bracelets. This is the perfect addition to a Taylor Swift themed event. Make the friendship bracelets!

DIY events offer a refreshing alternative to traditional campus programming. Not only do they engage students in hands-on creative activities, but they also allow you to design events tailored to your campus culture. Whether you’re on a budget or simply looking for unique event ideas, Neon Entertainment’s DIY programs have you covered. Book these exciting experiences and watch your attendees take home one-of-a-kind memories! Contact you agent today for booking and availability!


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