Here are Two Hypnotists to Consider for your Next College Event

Here are Two Hypnotists to Consider for your Next College Event

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Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon! With the Fall Semester winding down, you’re probably thinking about talent to book for your events in Winter 2023. Today, we wanted to highlight a couple of our enchanting hypnotists for you to consider for your next event!

hypnotist michael anthony

Master Hypnotist Michael C. Anthony 

Michael’s award-winning show Hypnotized is critically acclaimed and widely considered the best hypnosis show in the world. Watch his volunteers fall asleep almost instantaneously and obey some hilarious and ridiculous suggestions! 

Michael has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. He’s won Male Entertainer of the Year and been nominated 7 other times! Colleges all over the country bring Michael in year after year. One campus has even brought back Michaek more than 50 times, and others booking him up to 5 years in advance, talk about an endorsement!

Michael is a board-certified hypnotherapist with certifications in practicing Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a certified Master Hypnotist. Check out our page on Michael for more incredible information! 

hypnotist keith karkut

A Journey Into the Mind with Keith Karkut

Keith is an accomplished hypnotist that has been practicing for over two decades. In college, Keith realized the power of the mind and began practicing hypnosis. Keith then spent time developing the entertaining aspects of his act, blending comedy and hypnosis to create an unforgettable experience.

Keith performs roughly 100 shows a year and is regularly asked about how addictive substances affect the mind and can be controlled through hypnosis. With that insight, he took his act to help people in a variety of ways. 

Keith doesn’t only perform for students either, with his presentations for corporations and relationship marketing companies being acclaimed and resulting in better returns, getting them as focused as athletes heading into a big game. Check out Keith’s page for more info! 

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