HEADS UP | Plan Your Holiday Events Ahead of Time to Ensure Everything is Set!

HEADS UP | Plan Your Holiday Events Ahead of Time to Ensure Everything is Set!

Planning an exciting and engaging event for your college or company can be incredibly stressful. Take the pain out and bring on the best name in entertainment in, Neon! Remember though, plan your event ahead of time – you don’t want the holiday season bonanza to take up all availability before the season arrives.

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog from Neon! Here on the blog, we aim to make the life of student planners and corporate party organizers as easy as we can as well as give some exposure to our vast library of events available for you to choose from.

If you’re here, you are probably looking for event ideas for your school or company. Getting the right event together, figuring out entertainment options, managing the budget, etc can become more onerous. Trust the team that’s been in showbiz for 25 years!

How Far in Advance Should I Plan My Event?

Giving the entertainment booking agency that you’re contacting plenty of notice when you are planning an event is an important part of the process. Especially when you’re planning a live event, you need to make sure you budget time for us to make travel arrangements and set up! Generally speaking, you want to target about 6 weeks out, but more time is always appreciated.

Do I Really Need to Plan That Much In Advance?

Yes, you really do. You need to make sure that everything is booked for and available on the day you need it. Booking ahead of time ensures that your name is on the books. No matter what the event is, you’re probably not the only one looking! Remember, if you’re planning a holiday celebration for your school or company, there are bound to be plenty of others planning the same.

Events with a focus around a specific season, like Holiday Game Shows, or Zombie Laser Tag, or any of our other productions can get very full, very quickly. There’s a smaller window that these games or experiences fit in logically and people around the country looking for them. If you don’t book your event with plenty of time to spare, someone else will!

Another major example of why you need the runway is to allocate time for changes. If you have to alert your vendors and/or entertainment bookings of any changes and to solidify your agenda, you don’t want to have that conversation with only days to spare. You might not get the accommodation that you could’ve made with a little bit more planning ahead.

Finally, you want to confirm that everyone knows when it’s going to take place before they make other plans. If you’re planning something around the holidays for students, you want to make sure that 95% of the student body isn’t running for the train, plane or bus home as soon as the ink on their exams dries. If you’re planning something to enhance the team building of your office, then you want to make sure your colleagues don’t have conflicting plans already in motion.

Wind up waiting and need a last-minute or DIY Event? Check out our options! 

Get Your Party Started!

Planning a fun and engaging college event? You need Neon Entertainment, the leader in creative college experiences across the country. If you have any questions or you’re ready to start your experience, reach out today!

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