Halloween-Focused Escape Rooms to Book This Spooky Season!

Halloween-Focused Escape Rooms to Book This Spooky Season!

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Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon! We’re sure you’re busy getting ready with all your students coming back to campus. With that influx of students, comes a rush of getting events put together before all the best days and times are booked. Think ahead to your first major event, Halloween, today! Instead of making you scroll and scroll for our Halloween offerings, allow us to lay out two of our popular Halloween Escape Rooms for you to consider for your upcoming event! Read on and find a new favorite! 

Live Halloween-Focused Escape Rooms and Scavenger Hunts!

Here at NEON we have plenty of live in-person escape room themes to choose from. One of the most popular that is requested this time of year is the Zombie Escape Room! Join Eagle Special Ops, an elite group of highly trained personnel that the remaining humans rely on to protect them from an ever-increasing zombie wave. As rookies in this Special Ops unit, are you up to the task of protecting the people in our pod? 

You and your teammates have 15 minutes to secure the safety of the pod. Choose a room or two from this category or mix and match with another popular escape room to tie the whole experience together. We also offer our guests a “virtual” experience to have some fun while waiting for their game to begin. 

We also include an online Scavenger Hunt as part of the live escape room! With Neon, the experience just keeps giving! 

Virtual Halloween Escape Rooms!

We also have our classic, super popular virtual escape room, A Night To Dismember! It’s All Hallow’s Eve at the Bulgarian Castle, overlooking a town on a hill, hidden by twisted, overgrown oak trees. A violent storm lashes the building and causes creakings while roaring thunderclaps reverberates around the interior of your head and the home. The occupant of the castle has not been seen in some time and is feared to be deceased. 

A broken urn, missing heart, a 3,000 year old strip of linen, footprints dotting the graveyard, and an open book of dark spells and magic gives a grim picture. Who’s behind it all? Accusations and secrets abound, this diabolical plot must be uncovered and the perpetrator identified in order to leave. 

Sleuths are welcome to have a snack prepared, so they don’t need to pause their unraveling of the mystery and interact with the suspects as much as possible.

Get in Touch with NEON!

Any questions about our Escape Room options?  We’d be glad to answer your questions about this game or our other programs to make your orientation a smash hit! Check out our Live/Mobile Escape Rooms page to see all available options.

Don’t forget to check back with our blog for more fun and engaging event ideas for college students throughout the year!  You can also follow the fun on our social media, like our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat!

Reach out today to book any of these or our other events and programs.  Call us today at 800-993-NEON or by emailing us at info@nean-entertainment.com for more information.  Let’s make your next event extra special, together!


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