Planning an Outdoor Event this Spring? Our Inflatables are a Staple!

Planning an Outdoor Event this Spring? Our Inflatables are a Staple!

Welcome back to the blog! Today on the hot mic blog, we’re excited that the weather is getting warmer and staying that way, instead of it pinballing all over the place. To celebrate warmer weather, we’re sure you want to plan an outdoor event this spring. You should consider our incredible inflatables, an absolute favorite of ours and many schools across the country! 

Our novelty inflatables have so many options! We have almost anything you can think of, from Bumper Cars to Obstacle Courses to Stunt Jumps to Axe Throwing and so many more in between. 

Can You Explain More Detail about the Novelty Inflatables?

Still not convinced our inflatable rentals are for you? Well then let’s talk about a couple of them in some more detail. Are you a fan of TBS’ Wipeout reboot or the original run from ABC? Well, then we have the inflatable obstacle course for you! Allow us to nudge you in the direction of Wipe Out! 

Wipe Out is a giant obstacle course with 4 large inflatable balls surrounded by a pit with our patented Zero Shock technology, which makes it feel like falling into water from a low height. Players start on one side and run or jump to the other without falling in! It’s inspired by the best part of the hit TV show and it’s just as fun to watch as it is to play! Inquire about this inflatable or our others today.

Bubble Soccer is Unlike Any Other

If you haven’t played (or watched) Bubble soccer yet, you’re in for a treat. The way that everyone is able to maintain safety within the confines of an inflatable bubble is hilarious to say the least. We have been able to work with schools all over the US to provide bubble soccer and other inflatables, so if you’re in need, think of NEON!

Do you like action movies? 

Still not sure? Well, have you ever wanted to feel like you were in a Hollywood action movie production? We have the inflatable for you with our Stunt Jump! The bag rapidly reflates between jumps so as many people as possible can recreate their favorite movie falls and jumps in a safe manner. 

The Stunt Jump is designed with safety in mind, the proprietary jump bag construction has been refined by trapeze artists to absorb landings and minimize shock from heights well above the 20ft jump platform we provide. Going even further into the safety features, the platform has a 42-inch tall handrail, locking entrance gate, non-slip treads, and padded edges on the jump platform. In short, you’ll truly feel like you’re an action hero and can be confident in our safety standards! Learn more about booking this incredible inflatable for your event!

Contact Us! 

Do you have any questions regarding our inflatables to be a staple of your next outdoor school event? We’d be glad to answer your questions about these or our other inflatables. Don’t forget to check up on our blog for more event ideas for college students throughout the year, especially now that it’s the outdoor season! You can also follow the fun on our social media, like our Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat! 

Reach out today to book either of these two novelty inflatables or any of our other offerings. You can call us at 800-993-NEON or email us at info@neon-entertainment.com for more information. If you’re ready to book, please reach out via our agent contact form! Let’s make your next event extra special together. 


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