Celebrate Black History Month with Black History Trivia

Celebrate Black History Month with Black History Trivia

Black History Month is here! Are you a school’s event organizer? Celebrate the achievements of African American leaders and remember key events with our customized Trivia Game! Book Black History Trivia today.

Neon Entertainment is the top name in the game of virtual and in-person entertainment. We tweaked our engaging and entertaining Total Trivia game show to be entirely geared toward celebrating black history and achievements! From stellar activists to star athletes, Black History Trivia is chock-full of interesting facts and fun for everyone.

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Think you know all there is about black American history? Put your knowledge to the test! We have the fun and engaging game show entertainment you already know from your previous homecoming events, greek weeks, and more events! But this show is geared for highlighting the achievements of the black community.

Why should I book Black History Trivia?

Our game shows are a great way to introduce new students to your faculty and each other, plus a good way to unwind after a stressful exam week. Game shows are great entertainment at any time of year. However, a game show specifically tuned for celebrating black history is a good way to educate people too!

The game is broken into four rounds of play, so there are multiple chances to win REAL CASH* prizes! You can choose to have this show either virtually, hosted live via state-of-the-art streaming, or live in person at your location!

*if your school cannot provide cash prizes, we can substitute Amazon Gift Cards instead, or you can provide the prizes.

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Remember, call an agent or fill out a contact form today to bring this fun and educational game show to your campus for Black History Month!


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