4 Special Event Ideas for Your Spring Semester 2022

4 Special Event Ideas for Your Spring Semester 2022

We hope everyone is enjoying NACA Live 2022 in Kansas City!!! NACA always does such a terrific job of providing an incredible assortment of talent and professionalism. We hope your spring event planning is going well so far, but we always aim to help college event planners in any way we can here on the blog! As a national leader in college event ideas, we provide colleges with experience and customer service that we are proud of. We have over 28 years of experience working directly with college event planners, and we are constantly seeking new ways to improve.

Today we wanted to provide you 4 spring special event ideas that will be sure to entertain and inspire your campus!

Spring Themed Paint Social

If you haven’t been a part of a Paint Social, you’re missing out! Paint Social with Lindsey is available in both virtual and in-person events, which have proven to be one of students’ favorite events of all! Each student is provided with all the materials to paint a masterpiece, guided by our wonderful host Lindsey! She will walk through each step of the paint session, allowing for beginners to feel as though they’ve been painting for years! This event is always one that leaves participants feeling warm and fuzzy following, and can be scaled to as large or small as you need! Remember… get creative with your seasonal design.. ask Lindsey about your custom painting idea, and we can probably make it happen!

Irish Themed Game Show

The annual coming of St. Patrick is a shining light for many of us in the Northeast, as the Irish holiday often becomes symbolic for the first Spring celebration! With a unique St. Patrick’s Day-themed Game Show from Neon Entertainment, you can expect everyone in attendance to get lucky with $200 in CASH prizes! Our game shows have been evolving for years, and nowadays we can provide a few different options on price. Call or fill out a contact form today to learn about the cost difference between an In-person college game show and a virtual game show event.

We have a HUGE list of game show options.. Check them out here…

Outdoor Drive-In Movie

We have agents all over the country, but we began our journey in the Northeast. If you live in the northeast, you know that winter lasts a lot longer than any of us hope for. If you find yourself in the south, southwest, or on the west coast, you may be used to the warm weather. For us who endure the cold though, the first scents and sights of spring are always to die for, and an outdoor drive-in movie could be the perfect way to end your spring semester. We have even utilized arenas and large halls to utilize the drive-in movie screen, but students really seem to love the ability to create a real-life drive-in right in their school parking lot! If you’ve got sunshine, or you’re waiting for it, we can help create an awesome outdoor movie night!

Spring Silent Disco

There really isn’t a BAD time to throw down a sick silent disco party. As spring semester is kicking off, you may have a Senior Send Off bash or Spring Fest to book entertainment for this year. You can check out our full list of Live Musicians, Hypnotists and comedians here on our site, but if you need to get a lot of people moving.. Silent Disco is the way to go. You don’t need to worry about guests complaining about who is playing, or not playing, because participants will be able to choose their own music to dance to! We have helped colleges all over the country create a never-forget silent disco night, and you could be next!

We are always available to answer questions you may have regarding event planning, pricing, availability or anything else you need to know! You can reach out via our contact form to speak with an agent today! If you’re in a pinch and need an event ASAP, you can check out our “Last Minute Event Ideas Page” Here!


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