Book Live Entertainment for your Valentines Day Event

Book Live Entertainment for your Valentines Day Event

It’s never too early to start booking your entertainment! Here at Neon Entertainment, we service all 50 states by providing engaging entertainment for college events. We work directly with student event planners to create events that engage the maximum amount of students, at the best price. We work with schools of all sizes, and with so many schools seeking booking, it is always good to plan ahead. We are talking today about Valentine’s Day, because even though it’s the Christmas season, we are already seeing requests for Valentine’s Day next semester! Here are 5 great live entertainment ideas to book for your Valentine’s Day Event!

DJ Ravidrums

We offer a big list of live musicians for hire, and DJ Ravidrums is one of the coolest live entertainers you’ll find. With a full drumset, along with DJ equipment, he brings a unique party to any event. If you were thinking of having somewhat of a Singles Bash or big party, this artist is perfect to create a festive party atmosphere.

Comedian Kristen Becker

Kristen is a hilarious comedian who is proud of who she is, but can connect with anybody. She would make a perfect Valentine’s Day comic for your event because she digs into the funniest parts of our society, gay. straight or other. She is a comic of the people, for the people and if you need someone fun to get a laugh around relationships, sex, or being single, she’ll surely bring it. Just don’t call her Shirley.

Spoken Word Artist Ebo Barton

As a poet and educator, Ebo Barton would make a perfect act to bring to your campus this Valentine’s day. They’ve traveled the country to bring their level of perspective for others, as a Black/Philipino Transgender Non-Binary entertainer. Valentine’s day should be inclusive, and everybody deserves to hear what Ebo has to say about love and relationships in 2021-22.

Live In-Person Game Show

What could be better for Valentine’s than a CUPID SHUFFLE, BE MINE BINGO or THE DATING GAME SHOW!? Complete with a live show setup, host and CASH prizes, our game show options are endless, but the LOVE themed games are a HUGE hit around Valentine’s Day. Book now!

Pop Up ZEN Zone

Relationships are stressful sometimes. Being single is stressful sometimes. What better treat for students around Valentine’s holiday than a nice relaxing pop-up Zen Zone. You can offer them a chance to recharge with chi machines, massage chairs, oxygen, and foot massagers! Ease the tension of Valentine’s day and ENJOY IT.

These are just a few ideas of course, and we know we’re pretty early! Remember that it’s never too early to start thinking ahead for planning your event for Valentine’s Day! If you have any questions you can always get pricing information through our contact forms, where our regional agent will help you set up the perfect Valentine’s Day!


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