Top 3 Reasons to Book a Caricature Artist for Better Team-Building

Top 3 Reasons to Book a Caricature Artist for Better Team-Building

Top 3 reasons to book a caricature artist for better team-building
Caricature is a timeless and fun art form that exaggerates certain features of a person for comedic effect. When wielded by a skilled artist, a single portrait can bring a whole room together in laughter. Isn’t that the idea of having the event in the first place, to build your team up? Let’s get into a few reasons to hire a caricature artist for your next team-building event.Before we get started, let’s define what this art form is. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “ exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics.” There are other definitions related to its use in literature, but we’re only focusing on its artistic endeavors today.

Caricature helps confront body image problems

Its whole bit is the obvious exaggeration of some features. It might sound mean, but in this context, it can help with image. The art isn’t done to be mean. It’s purposefully silly. It’s saying “of course I don’t really look like this, because this is supposed to be a joke.”

caricature artwork from the talented artists at neon

Caricature is fun

It’s a lighthearted art style you’ve seen countless times over your life. The image of you isn’t necessarily making fun of your features, but rather drawing them out in a lighthearted manner. You’re a unique person with your own features. Caricature just points them out. 

Hiring a caricature artist for a wedding is fairly popular nowadays. Do you think the happy couple is going to allow that to happen if the artist is going to make fun of them in a mean-spirited way? Of course not! 


Our Caricature Artists are Complimentary

Our artists pride themselves on not being mean to you. They’ll take features that make you unique and put a fresh spin on them. You are, after all, still a person with thoughts and feelings. Remember, the comic book Superman is a caricature. His exaggerated features are those impossible muscles and hilariously large chin! 

Contact Us to Bring a Caricature Artist to Your Event!

Neon Entertainment offers both digital and classic caricatures! They’re a perfect complement your team-building practices. Nothing bonds people quite as well as coming together in roaring laughter. Especially from something silly like a picture of your boss, with eyes as close as peas in a pod and a head twice the size of their body. Enquire today about booking a caricature artist for your business’ team building event! Follow along with our blog and social media channels for more fun event ideas for your business or college!


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