Mental Health Month – 3 College Events to Help Promote Healthy Habits

Mental Health Month – 3 College Events to Help Promote Healthy Habits

Neon Entertainment has been providing fun events for college students for over 20 years, and 2020 was certainly one of the most unforgettable. We were able to pivot and provide virtual events for colleges all over the country, and as we get back to some semblance of normal, we’ve seen an increase in demand for on campus events. In an effort to provide every possible solution, we will continue to provide both Neon Plus virtual events and also VIP Virtual In Person events. May is mental health awareness month, so here are a few ideas for events on your campus!

Two Deep Breaths With Shanice Green

Shanice Green guides your students through a series of introductory Yoga lessons, along with a mental health program to help students learn to relax and cope with the stresses of life. There are a series of 7 yoga classes that can be held both in person or guided virtually by Shanice.

Beat Boxing with Sensei Jake

Who doesn’t love a little music, working out, and meditation? Your students will engage with our lovable host Jake, who doubles as a black belt, in addition to being a popular recording artist. With the ability to host your college event remotely, Jake can provide an awesome experience that includes a little custom beat boxing, some real boxing training, and a martial arts guided meditation. Sign us up!

Take & Make Bonsai & Bamboo

Tending to and raising plants are a great way to build great mental health habits. The bonsai tree art form has been around for over 1,000 years, going back to Chinese horticulture and Japanese Zen Buddhism. You can plant your own bonsai! These packages can be part of a “Make & Take” program, where students can make them on campus, and take them.. OR a “Take & Make” program where the students can pick up the materials and take them back to produce them on there own..

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These are only a few ideas for mental health activities for your college campus! For a full list of ideas, head over to our “GUIDE TO PROGRAMMING BY MONTH” to learn more! If you ever have any questions about providing entertainment or events for your college campus, look no further than Neon Entertainment! We can help you get set up, give you decades worth of insight into the college planning process, and of course give you an unforgettable college event experience!


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