4 Reasons to Book Shaun Boothe for Your College Virtual Event

4 Reasons to Book Shaun Boothe for Your College Virtual Event

As one of the top national booking agencies around, we constantly seek out and promote new talent from all different backgrounds. If you have worked as a student activity director or booked a college event before, you may know about what we do. If you’re new to the game.. you’re in the right place!

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Without further adieu, here are 4 reasons why you should book Shaun Boothe & The Unauthorized Biography Series for your next virtual college event!

Unforgettable Performance

Not all college speakers are created equal. You won’t find a boring or uninspired speaker on OUR list of college speakers, but we’d be lying if we told you those types of speakers DON’T exist. Shaun Boothe is anything but boring or uninspiring. With experience working both in person and remote virtual speaking engagements, Shaun uses a very unique way to engage students and provide an unforgettable experience.

Unique Execution

Half TED Talk, half live concert. Shaun Boothe utilizes some of the most inspiring figures of our generation to help inform and awaken the greatness that lives within us all. Through a collection of biographical hip hop songs, the program celebrates the world’s greatest cultural icons in a positive and influential way. He truly captures the power of Hip Hop to tell stories in a way unlike anyone else.

For the Right Reasons

2020 has been an absolute mess. With all the heightened emotions and confusion, many of us lived a very strange year, and hopefully many of us learned a lot about others who may not look just like us. When you are looking for a unique event or program that helps to promote cultural diversity, this is perfect. Each chapter of the series captures a legacy of a positive and influential musical figure in a documentary style music video.

Educational & Inspiring

Who wouldn’t want to learn a bit more about people like Bob Marley, Oprah, or Mother Theresa? We spend so much time learning about things in a way that lacks creativity and inspiration, why not check out something different for this semester? Shaun Boothe’s programs can provide your school with a very engaging experience that not only teaches but inspires and lights the fire in our belly to BE GREAT!

It’s been a tough year for everyone. The best we can do is keep working toward a better tomorrow. Shaun Boothe is guaranteed to provide a better tomorrow for you if you are in need of a great speaker. For more information on Shaun, you can contact us to answer any questions you may have. Do a bit more digging for yourself over at Shaun’s site at shaunboothe.com, or check out this video! Remember to follow us for all the latest talent and college programming!


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