Virtual Paint Night – Perfect for College Programming

Virtual Paint Night – Perfect for College Programming

The year is coming to a close, and no one could have prognosticated how our 2020 was going to go. Obviously your college experience isn’t what you planned. We wish the best to everyone around the country right now being affected by the pandemic. All we can do is try to provide the best virtual programming for college activities during these trying times. On the bright side, many of our virtual events have been growing in popularity over the last few months, as virtual events have become more and more popular generally.

One event that is perfect for groups large and small is our Virtual Paint Social. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a virtual paint night for your campus or group!

Everything You Need to Create

It’s not easy organizing a paint night, let alone a VIRTUAL PAINT NIGHT. Luckily you’ve found the right team to help make it happen seamlessly and simply. You let us know when you’re event is coming up, tell us how many people you are expecting, and we can send you the paint kits. This takes all the stress off of your team. All you need to do is tell your campus to join in on the fun!

Therapy & Relaxation

You let us know what type of virtual paint night experience you are looking for! Tis the season for a little holiday fun, so you can spin it into a festive holiday experience, or customize the experience to your school or organization. There are a lot different options you can choose from! No matter what, we’ve found that the virtual events have actually drawn an INCREASE in participation and engagement than In-person events. Painting can be a nice group therapy to escape from all the noise.

Virtual Everything

Taking the work out of assembling kits, getting supplies, and choosing a theme are just a few things we do to take the work off your hands. Virtual events have started becoming more the “norm,” and with each new event we take a different step to improve the virtual experience. We take no shortcuts in providing the best possible virtual experience for all of our events. If you have a suggestion.. or an idea.. please let us know! We are here for college event planners nationwide!

If you want to learn more about virtual events, or schedule a custom virtual paint night for your school or organization, you can reach out via our contact page, or head over to our VIRTUAL EVENTS website to see all of your options! Have a great holiday season everyone and don’t forget to subscribe on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all things college events!


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